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Oscar Nominated Real Estate on Staten Island

In honor of the Academy Awards, I decided to take a look at some of the luxurious and opulent homes on Staten Island, worthy of an Oscar nomination and a celebrity homeowner. Let’s look at the lineup together by checking out the photos of the...

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79 Flagg Ct Staten Island NY

Needs and Wants of Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on a radio show, where a discussion was held in connection with the Needs and Wants of Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers. Being on the air was a first for me, but proved to be a wonderful experience. ...

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House in the hands against the blue sky

I Don’t Want To Give My House Away

“I don’t want to give my house away.” Have you ever heard this phrase? Or maybe even used it? As a real estate agent working in Staten Island, NY, I hear this phrase more often than one can imagine, especially in recent years. One ...

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Real Estate Buy

Warren Buffet on Real Estate: Buy!

Suppose you were looking to buy a house in Staten Island and were, say, indecisive. Given the chance, who would you ask for real estate investment advice: your mother or Warren Buffet? If you picked your mother, well I’m sure she’s a...

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Realtors Decline in Numbers

As the housing market continues to struggle, the number of members of the National Association of Realtors dips below 1 million. The highly inter-dependent relationship between the number of actively practicing Realtors and the economy is w...

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