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10 Most Expensive Homes Sold on Staten Island in 2021

First time ever Staten Island’s top 10 most luxurious homes sold in 2021 were all over 2 million each. This year Todt hill was not the only featured neighborhood on top of the list, but some of these gorgeous properties were also located on t...

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Staten Island Outdoor Dining – 2021

Fortunately in Staten Island, restaurant owners did not let the frigid air stop them from continuing their passion to serve their community. Multiple restaurants on Staten Island successfully accomplished the repurpose of their venues and des...

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5 Most Expensive Homes Sold on Staten Island in 2020

Staten Island has an amplitude of luxury homes, making this year’s performance in sales stupendous. These lavish homes are not only the owners dream but the realtors as well. All of these extraordinary mansions remind us how to appreciate arc...

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Affordable & Fine Dining on Staten Island

20 Best Restaurants in Staten Island        Looking for a place to eat? With many restaurants serving many different types of cuisine, you won't go hungry on Staten Island! Ranging from a small bite to eat to a fancy dinner, theres a varie...

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