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Need a Christmas Tree? Here are 5 Spots on Staten Island to Shop for One!

The fresh pine smell from a real Christmas tree is heavenly. Some people cannot stand storing a fake Christmas tree every year and there is nothing like the joy and excitement of going as a family and choosing your tree to decorate your home. If you get a real tree every year then you know that around this time is when you go out and buy one. You can’t put up a real tree too early because they dry out over time so, usually the second week of December is ideal to go out and pick your favorite tree out of the bunch. There are multiple nurseries on Staten Island where they all are stocked with gorgeous, green, full, and fresh Christmas trees.  With the process being so fun from picking one, tying it up to the roof of your car, cutting the netting with a scissor, placing where you want it in the house and you can’t forget the best part of all, decorating and going down memory lane with all the different ornaments, it is truly a special time of year!

Ariemma’s on 1802 Hylan Blvd:

Ariemma’s Christmas display is always wonderful.
They have the finest decor for the holiday season. Their workers are super family oriented and the presence of walking through their garden is just mystical. Our wreath is from there and contains detail, elegance, and the highest quality. It’s definitely my favorite wreath and I look forward to hanging it on my front door every year. The town always knows once Ariemma’s has their decor out and lights on, Christmas time was here! They had their truck outside the other day reloading more fresh pine trees. From small to large, they have all sizes. Ariemma’s has always been the talk of the town so make sure you head over soon before every last one is taken! They have been there for years and never once do they leave their Christmas spirit behind. They always deliver. Driving by their nursery as kids we always would get excited to look out the window at all the Christmas lights.

Classic Christmas wreath at Ariemma’s!

Santa Claus is coming to town, but first stopped at Ariemma’s!

William H Pouch Scout Camp:

Their Christmas Tree Sale has begun. Visit Camp Pouch and make sure to use the entrance at 1465 Manor Road. Greenpoint Trees has farm fresh trees, wreaths, roping, and centerpieces available for sale. They are open Monday through Friday 1pm – 9pm and on weekends they are open from 10am – 9pm! Something special they are doing for this holiday season is that a portion of each item purchased, whether it’s a tree or anything from their camp, will go directly to the programs and facilities of Camp Pouch! They really appreciate the support! What makes the holidays so exceptional is how everyone gives!

Welcome to Camp Pouch!

The cutest Christmas decor at Camp Pouch!

Fully stocked with Christmas trees at Camp Pouch!

Grapevine Garden and Florist:

Located on 2018 Richmond Ave, and the second you walk in you can tell they went all out for their Christmas decor. Their red, gold, silver, and green decor glistens. They have a ton of winter floral arrangements too, if you have a holiday party you are hosting! Fresh trees are available and the staff is super friendly! If you need pointers on how to keep your tree green for long, they are the ones to ask. Come visit the Grapevine Garden and Florist!

Gorgeous decor found at Grapevine Garden! If you are hosting a holiday party, definitely check them out!

Anyone need some more elves for their house?!

Merry Christmas from the Grapevine Garden!

Am I the only one who wishes Christmas lasted longer than a month? Also, am I the only one who leaves their Christmas decor up in January?

Sweetbrook Nursery and Garden Center:

Personally this location is where my family got their real tree and in my opinion their prices were pretty reasonable compared to other locations. Real trees can be pricey but super worth it. Once you walk into your home and smell the freshness of pure pine, you’ll forget how much you even spent on the tree to begin with. This location is on 2371 Forest Avenue and open everyday. Monday thru Saturday open from 7:30am – 5:00pm. Sunday they are open from 8:00am – 4:00pm. They have rows and rows of fresh Christmas trees. Like I stated before, this time is when you should go out and get yourself a real tree so it stays perfect for Christmas Day! They have a large space and a lot to look at!

Just got our Christmas tree this past weekend from Sweetbrook!

More Christmas decor like a tree topper found at Sweetbrook!

Come swing by to check out their fun wreaths and Christmas signs!

Vanity House Designs:

Tough times really played a part of people’s lives during the pandemic. Vanity House Designs is a new decor and gift company of Kurt Alger. He is one of the many who realized the pandemic was going to take a hit on his every day life because he works as a theatrical Costume and Wig designer. As the pandemic progressed, Broadway was shut down, along with a lot of the tours he worked for. In order for him to stay afloat he used his creativity and brilliant mind. With his passion for design and the holiday seasons, he was able to entwine both of those. This brings us to his brick and mortar storefront at The Empire Outlets, offering unique gifts, aromatherapy as well as novelty items, stationery, NYC, Staten Island, and Broadway souvenirs and home decor collections. While shopping in his store, you can see the collections and individual pieces that he has designed. But, let’s say something doesn’t speak to you the way you want it too; No worries he can customize anything and would love to work with you to bring your vision to life!

The window at Vanity House Designs!

Gorgeous Christmas trees showcased throughout their store!

Tons of decor and if you need any last minute gifts!

How stunning is this candy cane Christmas tree?

The idea of all different themes for each tree is genius! Here is their winter wonderland tree!

Their colorful/peacock inspired tree!

My personal favorite is their pink Christmas magical tree! Come check out their store I left out my second favorite tree!