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Staten Island Dog Runs

The weather is getting warmer and you might be itching, looking for dog friendly places for you to enjoy with your pup on Staten Island. Luckily for you, not only does Staten Island have many dog friendly areas, as previously mentioned in our last blog post, it also has many great Dog Parks where your dog can enjoy its time socializing and playing with other pups in the neighborhood.

Dog runs, or more commonly known as “Dog Parks,” are fenced in areas that are specifically designed by NYC Parks to allow dogs to play and socialize in areas that supply good drainage from rainwater, safe lighting, and healthy plantings. These Dog Parks even have water fountains, so don’t forget to bring your dogs favorite water bowl!

Here is a list of the Dog Parks in Staten Island, with pictures to help you find them. Mumford and I hope to see you there!

North Shore:

South Shore:

Silver Lake Dog Run



A quiet day at the Silver Lake Dog Run

Wolfe’s Pond Park



Gorgeous scenery at Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run! All photography credit: Elite Ziegelman

A fun day at the Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run.

Someone is tired from running around at the Wolfe’s Pond Dog Run. Photography credit: Elite Ziegelman

This husky is taking it all in! Photography credit: Elite Ziegelman

Just a couple of pals! Photography credit: Elite Ziegelman

A quick break session at the Wolfe’s Pond Park Dog Run.

Conference House Dog Run



Dog Run at the Conference House

Bloomingdale Park Dog Run



A perfect day at the Bloomingdale Dog Run

Photography credit: Elite Ziegelman. Multiple dog friends having a day at the Bloomingdale Dog Run.


Now that you have a ton of great places to visit with your pup, young or old (they’re all puppies to me!), it’s crucially important to remember these safety tips for these places to remain safe:

  • Your dog must have a good recall. This means that your dog MUST come to you when you call him or her. Practice this with your dog on-leash first, before you lose your dog or lose control in an unexpected situation.
  • Make sure your dog has its proper vaccinations and license because it is required by law and make sure your dog is microchipped, just in case.
  • Exercise your dog with a good walk, on leash, to ensure that they blow off some steam, before you introduce them to new situations like the dog park. An over excited dog can turn into a dangerous dog.
  • A nervous dog can also turn into a dangerous dog. Pay attention to your dog’s body language and never force them to do something they are not comfortable with. There are a lot of great resources online for building your dog’s confidence.
  • Always have your dog’s back. Do not leave dogs to “work it out” themselves while they are socializing with other dogs. Some people believe this philosophy and that’s when it’s my cue to leave the dog park. Pay attention to the people and dogs that are there. You are the pack leader, and your dog should never be left to correct another dog when things get out of hand.
  • Always consult with a professional if you have any questions or are unsure about your dog’s behavior or safety.

About the Author:

Lindsey Corletto is a Staten Island resident, Pitbull lover, NYCACC foster, volunteer and REALTOR. She teamed up with Team KG at Robert Defalco Realty to share in their passion for promoting the great things Staten Island has to offer. Follow the team on Instagram at @teamkghomes or on Facebook at Team KG Homes at Robert Defalco. Thanks for reading!