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Dog Friendly Activities in Staten Island

Places to go with your fur buddy!

Mumford’s 1st day after moving to Staten Island, underweight, and recently rescued by NYCACC

As a Staten Island resident, I was very excited to move my newly adopted dog to Staten Island after I rescued him from the NYC Animal Care Center on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Staten Island is known as the “Borough of Parks” so it’s no surprise that dog lovers, like me, can find an endless amount of activities to do here, with our fur children. This article highlights places that Mumford and I love to visit, to serve as a resource for anyone moving to Staten Island, or for current residents looking for more fun events to do with their pets.



Mumford and Coco posing, after a day of swimming at South Beach Park.



Most of the beaches like South beach, Midland Beach, New Dorp beach, etc., allow dogs to run around on the sand and on leash, during the “off season,” which is before Memorial Day (last Monday of May) and after Labor Day (1st Monday of September). South Beach Park specifically, allows off leash play on the sand during this time as well. Mumford loves when he gets to play in the water with his friends.


Hiking Trails:

Whenever I need moments to get away or just to clear my head, I love to walk on one of the many hiking trails in the woods of our Greenbelt. Dogs must stay on the leash in order to protect the wildlife, but we always end up making friends while we are on our walks. Sometimes we even walk in a pack, inviting my friends and their dogs to walk with us as well.

There are too many to list but here are some of our favorite trails:


Designated Off-Leash Areas:

It seems that the South Shore takes the prize in the section of Staten Island that offers the most dog runs, but the North shore and Mid-Island make up for it with their designated off-leash areas. (Knowing these locations is also good for people that want to avoid any off-leash dogs while on a walk with Fido). Please keep in mind certain areas have times where it is acceptable to have your dog off leash. It is usually before 9:00am and after 9:00pm.

Here are some other places you can play with your dog off-leash, all year round:

North Shore:

  • Allison Park – The field at the end of the trail bordered by Prospect Avenue, Sailors Snug Harbor Cemetery, and the pond.
  • Arthur Von Briesen Park – Lawn area, mid-park right side.
  • Clove Lakes Park – Open field above picnic area near Royal Oak Rd. and Rice Avenue. Also, Brookside Avenue between Alpine Court and Kingsley Avenue (lawn area).
  • Clove’s Trail Park – Lawn area, corner of Victory Boulevard and Little Clove Road.
  • Father Macris Park – Lawn area beyond the ball field.
  • South Beach Park – On the sand before Memorial Day and Labor Day.


South Shore:

Mumford and his friend relaxing on the beach.

Before you go out to these areas, here are some rules all dog owners must follow!
  • Dogs that are out in public must be licensed. Their license must be present on their collar with the expiration date visible.
  • Having a proper ID and making sure your dog is microchipped is also extremely necessary for your dog to have, just in case it ever loses its way. The person who finds your dog will have all the information needed for a safe return.
  • All dogs must receive a rabies vaccine by around four months, with intermittent boosters after that. Check with your veterinarian for suitable scheduling for your pet. Proof of the rabies vaccine is required by groomers, playgroups, and dog runs as well.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash no more than six feet long. Ignoring the leash laws can have negative consequences, and it’s not just the Parks Department that can catch you; NYC’s Departments of Health and Sanitation also have the authority to enforce the leash law. If your dog insists on gallivanting with the wind in it’s fur, a number of city parks have off-leash hours like I listed above. There’s always a time and a place.
  • New York was the first major city to enact a canine waste law. Dog walkers must pick up after their pets, or choose to be fined $250 or more. Always have extra supplies with you just in case. It is very important to curb your pal to prevent the spread of diseases that can harm our pets.

I hope this list is helpful for anyone looking for dog friendly areas on Staten Island and be sure to check out our next blog post, with the list of Dog Parks full of pups ready to play!

Also, if there is another place you have in mind or any questions be sure to contact us at [email protected].

For more places and to see video clips, you can follow and reach out to us at @MumfordnFriends on Instagram or Mumford and Friends on Facebook.

Happy exploring! We hope to meet you out there!

About the Author:

Lindsey Corletto is a Staten Island resident, Pitbull lover, NYCACC foster, volunteer and REALTOR. She teamed up with Team KG at Robert Defalco Realty to share in their passion for promoting the great things Staten Island has to offer. Follow the team on Instagram at @teamkghomes or on Facebook at Team KG Homes at Robert Defalco. Thanks for reading!