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Vagabond Repertory Theatre Company Presents 2020 Season Preview Night

Vagabond Repertory Theatre Company

2020 Preview Night

Though Staten Island is buzzing with theatrical events all throughout the island, one in
particular includes several different stories and actors- and is playing for one night only!
Vagabond Repertory Theatre Company is presenting an evening of excerpts from over 10 plays
called 2020 Season Preview Night. Vagabond Repertory Theatre Company is a Staten Island
based company, whose mission is to bring a professional theater experience to the entire Tri-
State area. Their target audience is all ages, as they want to provide theatre for all who want to
experience it.

The evening will include excerpts from the following plays, written by Dane Forgione: “A”
My name is Adam, Rip The System, How To Be A Knight, The Guardian Came, Ichabod’s
Ghost, The Princess And The Cobbler’s Son, Spin The Bottle, The Young Hunter And The
Goddess to Nature, A Family For Christmas: A Marx Brothers Adventure, Christmas: The
Business Deal Edition, and This Is A Play About Talking Heads- as well as a stage reading of
the film An American Tail. The evening will feature Aitan Dorsky, Julianna Sousa, Nathan
Kossoy, Genevieve Provence, Justin Provence, Shannon Shipp, Megan Shipp, William Rush,
Alex Rush, Reese Arbizu, Isabelle Ballard, Devon Roth, Matteo Russo, Emerson Bishop, Jaxon
Baboulis, Sabrina Layman, Talon Arbizu, Evelyn Jacobson, Nicklaus Vallie, and it’s writer- Dane
Forgione. Forgione will also be directing the evening of excerpts as well.

Dane Forgione has been acting since the age of 15, but started dabbling in writing and
acting in mid 2018. He later founded Vagabond Repertory Theatre company in January of 2019,
and is excited to celebrate the company’s second year as an active theatre company on the
island. . “I’m very excited to present these little previews of our season to come” says Forgione. “The kids in this cast are all very talented, and I think they’ll all shine on stage- not just on the evening of the show, but when their full shows go up eventually as well!” The company’s plan for the rest of the season is to present full versions of all the shows presented at their preview night.

2020 Season Preview Night premieres on February 8th, 2020 at 7:30pm at The Little
Victory Theatre, located at 4089 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY, 10314. Tickets are $10 and
can be purchased upon arrival.

2020 Season Preview Night