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Top Spots to See Fall Foliage on Staten Island!

Gorgeous view of fall foliage located in Staten Island. (Photography credit to the very talented: @elitephotographyny)

Looks just like a painting! Staten Island (@elitephotographyny)

Fall is a wonderful time of the year! It’s the kick off to the holiday season. You know fall has arrived when you’re bundled up in the morning with a big sweater and then by afternoon you’re sweating! There is something quite special though, when the foliage is at it’s peak on Staten Island. This is your chance to step away from the everyday ordinary life and embrace the unforgettable.  Discover a perfect place for your next outdoor fall picnic with this list of Staten Island outdoor destinations.

In previous blogs we spoke about the beautiful parks Staten Island has to offer, but the spots to really take in all the fall foliage are Willowbrook Park, the Conference House, Mount Loretto, Moravian Cemetery, and Clove Lakes Park.

Willowbrook Park has plenty of open field space to view the extraordinary colors on the trees. In order to catch a glimpse of nature’s gift, Clove Lakes park has different types of hiking trails to check out. The views of the fall foliage is breath taking each time and never gets old. This season a personal favorite of mine and I look forward to this time every year. Don’t let the magic of this season pass you by, because fall does go by quick and winter is coming!

Willowbrook Pond. Staten Island.

Promise this is not a fake photo! That’s how perfect it looks! Also, promise this is on Staten Island at Willowbrook pond.

Best time of the year! Staten Island Parks

Stunning trees at Willowbrook Park.

Fall foliage at Willwbrook Park.

Willowbrook park offers a peaceful setting to just breathe and take in the crisp air. It is worth the trip to see the vibrant leaves of the season and sit back to enjoy the bold colors of the scenic fall foliage. While you’re there you must appreciate the open space, but also draw your attention to the five-acre lake. The way the trees vigorous colors bounce off the lake is something you have to witness. It’s absolutely stunning and almost like a real life painting. This park features tennis courts, playgrounds, ballfields, hiking, and an archery range (every month they host a free class where the park rangers teach you how to shoot an arrow with a bow. You can register online at in advance.What makes this park exceptional is the Carousel made for all children with 51 hand-carved wooden animal circle panels depicting Staten Island scenes (unfortunately it has been closed since Covid, but maybe will make it’s grand opening soon). Willowbrook is a place people from all over come to visit and it’s extra special during the changing of seasons.

Fall Foliage at the Moravian Cemetery.

The Moravian Cemetery may not be the first place you think of for fall foliage, but believe it or not its one of the best spots to go and see the unbelievable full trees changing to their striking colors. Strolling through, your eye will catch all the fall foliage this location has to offer. This year the peak took longer than usual, but its finally changing.

Calm, cool, and collected at Cunningham pond in Mount Loretto.


The Fall season has come!

Behind the Church in Mount Loretto.

Mount Loretto. Photography credit to: @elitephotographyny.

Beautiful Fall foliage surrounding Cunningham Pond.

Fall Foliage at Mount Loretto in Tottenville on Staten Island.

Mount Loretto is another great location to see beautiful landscapes and an endless amount of wildlife. Most people who have seen the 185-foot tall Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne on Hylan Blvd in Tottenville, don’t realize that there is actually a ton of land behind it. The serene views are perfect for a meditation session or just taking time to appreciate the feeling of being centered. Some of the prettiest views on Staten Island are hidden. Right across the street from the church at Mount Loretto is a spectacular area that is completely open and filled with lovely views. You will be able to see deer, hawks, tons of different types of birds and many others. Between the mix of scenery and fall foliage, you can’t have a bad afternoon. Aim to watch the sunset and see how the sun shines through the beautiful colored trees enhancing their beauty. You will be able to see how the “golden hour” became a popular phrase! There is also, a ton of fall foliage at the Conference House in Tottenville. You can catch the red, orange, green and yellow setting there as well!

The bridge at Clove Lakes Park located in Staten Island.

Gorgeous shot in Clove Lakes Park. Photography Credit: (@elitephotographyny) Check out her page for more nature shots.

Stunning Fall day in Clove Lakes. The ducks are waiting to be fed. (Photography credit: @elitephotographyny).

Nature at it’s finest!


Have to enjoy one of the hiking trails in order to get this amazing top view of Clove Lakes park in Staten Island! (Photography credit: (@elitephotographyny).

The way the light and colors reflect perfectly off Clove Lakes. (@elitephotographyny).

Walking through Clove Lakes Park is almost like a fairytale. (@elitephotographyny).

Personal Favorite Park is the Clove Lakes Park.

Clove Lakes park is the park on Staten Island that has multiple trails, baseball fields, basketball courts, a restaurant on the lake, playgrounds and much more! Exercising here is super easy because you forget you’re even working out with all the distractions of stunning surroundings. The lake is in the middle of the whole park and there are always ducks swimming by and people feeding them. The lake looks so grand during the fall season, truly looks like a scene straight out of a romantic sitcom. When you do go visit, you will see how relaxing and calm you feel instantly watching over the lake reflecting over the blazing colors. Just sit back, unplug and recharge. It’s serene and Staten Island’s very own oasis!

Fall foliage at Wolfe’s Pond Park.

Turning leaves at Wolfe’s Pond Park.

Fall Foliage at Wolfe’s pond.

Gorgeous leaves!

Wolfe’s Pond is another location where you can walk through the paths and get to see a lovely pond with the fall foliage surrounding. This particular park is the dog lover park in my opinion. You always get to see a ton of wagging tails there. The fall foliage is at it’s very peak so make sure to check out all of these locations because I can’t stress enough how fast fall goes by! Before we know it, all the leaves will be on the ground and the weather man will be saying they expect snow to fall.