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Top Coffee Shops on Staten Island!


Main Street Coffee in Historic Richmond Town

Come and lounge with a cup of Main Street coffee

Outdoor space at Main Street Coffee

Views of Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island

Check out the Historic building with a cup of coffee from Main Street coffee

Main Street coffee: There is a new coffee house in town! Yes the rumor is true, it’s located in one of the historical buildings. Main Street Coffee has opened their second location. Many know of the one in Tottenville, but now head over to Richmond Town for their signature cup of Joe while enjoying the history of the property. What a genius idea they had with turning the historical building into a their second coffee shop because now people can take advantage even more of the unbelievable history we have right here in Staten Island. Coffee is definitely a booster of energy in the morning that we ALL need now that the kiddies are back in school. Although I can’t relate to those who do not drink coffee, but I do love an earl grey tea sometimes. For those who do not drink coffee they have plenty of other options including multiple tea flavors and green matcha. The matcha latte has been such a hit this year and believe it or not a lot of people who don’t enjoy coffee but love matcha do not realize it actually has more caffeine than coffee. When visiting, you must indulge in the power toast which contains fresh strawberries, peanut butter or almond butter, chia seeds, and honey spread on ezekiel bread! Chia seeds are amazing for digestion. This is a great way to start your day! To find out their hours and days open just check out their page Main Street Coffee.


Beans & Leaves have expanded to make their shop larger! Check their new space out!

Inside the new area in beans & leaves where you can work from or enjoy your morning coffee

Beans & Leaves has a new flavor of the day on this chalkboard every morning!

Beans & Leaves has the cutest fall decor!

Beans & Leaves always have different baked goods on their countertop. Their coffee crumb cake is amazing!

Beans&Leaves is the sweetest spot!

Beans & leaves: This coffee shop has been top 3 in Staten Island for some time now which is extremely impressive. They are known for their interesting coffee flavors and waffles. If you have not tried their red velvet waffle then I am at a loss of words. Is is divine with fresh berries and white icing. Their coffee flavors are anything and everything you can think of. They always have a flavor of the day written on their chalk board right when you first walk in. Some flavors that stick out are cinnamon almond macaroon, maple nut fudge, pumpkin creme brulee, highlander grogg, toasted coconut custard, and mudslide! Their waffles vary in flavors as well. I’ve had the cookies and cream waffle before and must say it was a wow factor. This year they were able to make an extension next door. Now that they doubled the size of their cafe, you do not have to worry about not being able to get a table. The regulars are especially the ones happy about this because now it went from about five tables to about 12 tables. There is a ton of new room to just hangout with friends and even work while enjoying a nice waffle and coffee. To check out what time and day they are open click Beans & Leaves Instagram.


Outdoor area for Sips + Maker on New Dorp Lane.

Come look around and see what Sips + maker has to offer!

Sips + Maker’s market is filled with treasures!

Sips + Maker serves the most delicious lattes.

Sips & Maker: This is another fan favorite and if you are “sipper” you would know why! It is located on New Dorp lane in Staten island. They have an adorable set up directly in front for when it’s gorgeous weather out. A plus is their coffee shop isn’t only just for coffee but also a design market. They sell multiple custom items and for their business this was a great alternative way to put more items out for purchase because indoor dining was not aloud at one point. It’s the best time of the year! Cozy season is back and you know what that means! Their lattes are a dream and fitting for the season feels. They have gingerbread, spiced apple, pumpkin spice(of course), matcha, golden, vanilla rose, beet and black sesame latte. Their coffee shop is vegan/gluten free friendly with multiple choices to choose from. For example off their vegan/gluten free menu are quinoa salads and fasolada soup with white beans. If you have not yet stopped in their coffee shop here are their times open so you can visit Sips & Maker. They sometimes even host events as well like open mic nights! Check out their events on their Facebook Sips + Maker.


Mustard Seed is located right off of Forest Avenue

Come check the Mustard Seed cafe in Staten Island!

Fall flavors that Mustard Seed offers

Enjoy your beverage while looking out the window.

A must try are the Mustard Seed‘s marvelous pumpkin spice homemade cookies

Mustard Seed‘s prices are listed behind their countertop

Flavors of their smoothies and food menu!

Here is a closer look how the Mustard Seed looks inside!

Check out their Instagram themustardseedsi!

The Mustard Seed: Perfectly located right off forest avenue in Staten Island, this super cute coffee shop welcomes you and your dog as they’re dog friendly. The staff are extremely welcoming which is heartwarming. Walking in bright and early you will see smiling faces. They have up to 15 coffee flavors to pick from and ten tea hot or iced options. Food is delicious here as well. This particular coffee shop has an outdoor patio located in the back where you can take your coffee and yummy pastry to. Part of their food menu includes Nutella toast, breakfast empanadas, avocado brownies, almond croissants and blueberry scones. The plate that really stood out to myself was the burrata prosciutto avocado toast and it was simply out of this world! Some of the wonderful fall flavors include maple spice, spiced brown sugar, turmeric latte, maple matcha, hot cinnamon spice latte, and pumpkin spice chai. They also carry pumpkin muffins that are homemade from their very own recipe. May I add for the chocolate lovers, they have chocolate chip cookies the size of your head! This cafe is always changing their menu around and trying new and out of the ordinary specialties. Their menu and times can be found if click here on Mustard Seed details.


A sitting area in the Kova

The Kova is located right off Richmond Road in Staten Island

The Kova provides wifi which makes it super easy to work!

Follow their Instagram The KOVA

The Kova renovated their space to a modern feel cafe.

The KOVA has an outdoor area!

The Kova: This cafe is completely renovated to an outstanding modern take on a coffee shop. Can you believe this coffee shop is known for their signature homemade cheeseburger ? What a twist that is. They serve coffee, breakfast, and lunch. You can get eggs Royale or their pulled chicken sandwich. Their coffee always comes with the most stunning presentation. Their lattes are beautiful. A special they sometimes serve is an avocado shake which is delicious and the perfect way to start any morning. If you have the time to relax and enjoy your coffee and food, they made the set up outside lovely with a handful of tables under a  large tent. But on the other hand, if you are running around trying to get kids to school or to not be late for the second time this week they do offer take out and its always on time and a quick stop. Their staff is awesome and they are there to serve you to make sure your day is made! Click here to see when you can visit the Kova!


Gloria Jean Coffee located in Staten Island Mall

Gloria Jean’s coffee mugs can be purchased!

Baked goods at Gloria Jeans

Inside Gloria Jean’s cafe at the Staten Island Mall

Plenty of options to choose from in Gloria Jeans Coffees

Coffee beans ready to be grounded!

Gloria Jean’s coffee bar

Bet you wish you can eat it all!

They have so many coffee flavors to check out!

Gloria Jean Coffee: Ever get exhausted while shopping? Well in Staten Island mall I know the Starbucks line is always super long, but people tend to forget Gloria Jeans coffee is directly upstairs and have heavenly coffee. One drink that is voted most liked would be their vanilla Carmel chiller! And if you do not believe me try for yourself because they are always are happy to hand out a sample. They usually have a barista holding samples outside their store giving customers chances to try their newest flavors. Even Pete Davidson the King of Staten Island is a fan favorite, he usually gets their iced Carmel latte. They also serve flavors of the day like the blueberry sunrise, caramel apple nut, or cinnamon bun. I strongly urge you to try the cinnamon bun, you will not be disappointed. Check out when they open in the morning, click here for more details pertaining to Gloria Jean Coffee.


The Staten Island Coffee Shop is where to go for a breakfast on the weekends!

Staten Island Coffee Shop is a classic located right off Manor Road

A Staten Island favorite!

Where everyone knows your name!

Staten Island coffee shop: The “real ones” know how unbelievable this coffee shop is. The best spot for a hungover breakfast and a coffee to get yourself back to life! This spot gets packed every Saturday and Sunday morning. It has been kicking since forever and it really proves how great this coffee shop truly is. Completely friends and family oriented. In the neighborhood of Westerleigh , this shop is located and is one of the few coffee shops that just never changed throughout the years. A cup of their coffee with a side of eggs and their crispy bacon is chef’s kiss! It is the neighborhood’s heart. Everyone raves about the Staten Island coffee shop as one should! You must check it out if have not already. To see more details about this spot click Staten Island Coffee shop.


Fina’s Farmhouse is now open for business!

Gorgeous fall decor to welcome new customers to Fina’s Farmhouse!

Fina’s Farmhouse just opened on Staten Island located right on Ellis Street

Fall time at Fina’s!

Brand new Coffee Shop called Fina’s Farmhouse

Come check out Fina’s Farmhouse!

Their Flavors and toppings!

Delightful details in Fina’s Farmhouse

Check out their Instagram Fina’s Farmhouse!

Sitting area at Fina’s Farmhouse

Brand new coffee shop in Staten Island!

Come check it out!

Bring your family and friends to Fina’s Farmhouse!

Fina’s Farmhouse: Recently, there is a new coffee shop in town! You can’t miss it! Located on Ellis Street in Staten Island, it is a replica of the cutest red barn from the outside. Which fits perfectly with their name “Fina’s Farmhouse.” This coffee shop is completely renovated and the details throughout really show the passion that went into this new space. They flipped this environment to be such a comfort spot. You can enjoy a wonderful cappuccino or try one of their many brand new flavors. They are so new that they may not have a breakfast or lunch menu ready yet, but still check out their coffee bar. What a fabulous new coffee shop they have designed! They offer unique candles and scrubs. A few of their candle scents are banana nut bread, cinnamon bun, black raspberry vanilla, lemon biscotti and almond cookie! Fina’s coffee scrub is up for grabs as well and believe it or not coffee scrub has many advantages. For instance, fights off stretch marks and it improves circulation and blood flow. Check out their Instagram and Facebook by clicking on Fina’s Farmhouse!