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Top Bakeries on Staten Island

Winter is here and let’s all be honest… we dig into sweets a little bit more! Some even refer to Winter as hibernating season. As we cuddle up during the winter time, we find ourselves craving desserts more than some would say in Summer. I definitely can put my hand up as well for that one. If you have a big sweet tooth, then just keep on reading because here are the top ten bakeries on Staten Island in no particular order. From custom cakes to delicious pastries and cookies. One of my personal favorites that I like to try from each bakery would be the famous red velvet cupcake!

Powdered sugar on top of pastries is a must! Photo credit: royal_crown_si

Who wants to dive in?! photo: royal_crown_si

Royal crown is located on 1350 Hylan Blvd and there was never a time I was in Royal Crown and it was not extremely busy! In my opinion, it is pretty well known for their chocolate loaf (in that matter, any of their breads). Walking into their bakery always smells divine and every single item in there always looks like it was just made. I usually treat myself after my meal with a cappuccino and a slice of their classic cheesecake. Their large cannoli’s are definitely a major hit as well. With plenty to choose from, another great option are the rainbow cookies. I never have a bad experience with the food or service when I go there!

Pecan Pie from Buono Bakery. Photo credit: @buonobakery

The famous cannoli dip festive platter from Buono Bakery! Photo credit: @buonobakery

Buono Bakery is located on 1117 Hylan Blvd and they have been for some time. This classic bakery is quite famous along with the most outstanding reviews. They have a cannoli dip cream dish which is a major craving of mine from time to time. You’re extremely lucky if you get your hands on one! They make all certain types of wedding cakes and delicious pies. The latest pie I want to try is their banana cream pie. The perfection Buono bakery carries in their work is phenomenal. You can really see how hard this bakery works to make everything taste and look amazing!

Spiderman birthday cake from Alfonso’s Bakery. Photo credit: @alfonsosvictory

Pastry window at Alfonso’s Bakery. Photo credit: @alfonsosvictory

Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe actually has two locations on Staten Island with one located at 1899 Victory Blvd and the other one at 4366 Amboy Road. This bakery has been around since 1970. Alfonso himself taught his son everything he was learned in Italy. The importance of tradition and classic features is the key to why it is still successful till this day. Alfonso’s son Anthony continues to maintain his father’s dream in baking pastries and giving outstanding customer service. They take just about any custom cake order you can imagine. My friend once ordered a cake for her son’s 5th birthday. It was better than she could imagine. The thought, creativeness, expertise, and taste were all 100 out of 10!

Piece a cake features their red velvet brownies. Photo credit: @pieceacakenyc

Piece a cake always offers a variety of choices in slices of cakes everyday. Photo credit: @pieceacakenyc

When life gives you lemons you make lemon cookies! CookieJar features their homemade lemon cookies! Photo credit: @cookiejarnyc

The chocolate chip sandwich from the CookieJar! Photo credit: @cookiejarnyc

Piece a Cake is located at 177 New Dorp Lane and they are one of the few bakeries that do it all from dessert to breakfast, soups and sandwiches. Although, they are best known for their heavenly desserts. The desserts range from fresh Italian pastries, slices of their custom cakes, homemade cookies, ice cream, donuts and more! Piece a Cake is extremely successful and expanded their place to help another business. Right next door to them, is now the Cookie Jar’s second location. Their first location is on 1226 Forest Avenue. They are notorious for their cookies. Cookie Jar take their cookies very seriously and make sure each cookie is decorated perfectly. They carry a variety of different types of cookies, cookie jars you can purchase, and shakes. Everyone goes crazy for the toasted marshmallow shake.

Mark loves being part of your special day! Photo credit: @marksbakeshoppe

Classic napoleon pastry showcased at Mark’s Bake Shoppe! Photo credit: @marksbakeshoppe

Mark’s Bake Shop is located on 3479 Richmond Road and is a top 5 most loved bakery on Staten Island. Mark has an extreme passion for baking and it completely shows throughout his work. He sacrificed a lot to get to this point in his life and he is now living his world’s biggest dream. Owning his very own bakery is something he takes pride in. Throughout the shoppe, there are tons of details in all his cakes, pastries, donuts and cookies. He really knows how to listen to a customer. His baking skills are immaculate and always delivers. Definitely a well deserved top spot in best bakeries!

Their award winning 5 Kilo panettone!! Photo credit: @brunosnyc

Gorgeous window at Bruno’s Bakery! Photo credit: @brunosnyc

Bruno’s is located at 1650 Hylan Blvd and the Settepani family always welcomes their customers with an experience filled with sweet and savory choices! They specialize in occasion cakes, wedding cakes, pastries, cookies, truffles, and gorgeous gift baskets. This bakery is well known for the “Cake of the Century” which is their famous Chocolate Pear Royal. Other than dreams this cake is made of delicious chocolate mousse with layers of hazelnut crunch for the texture and pear mousse for the sweetness. Another award winning cake for best taste would be the Raspear Cake. This bakery also offers a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, on Saturdays and Sundays they offer a lovely brunch deal.

Valentine’s Day Special! Vanilla cake filled with their popular chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache on the outside with a white chocolate drip on top! Photo credit: @mothermousse

Vanilla cake with tres leeches fresh fruit covered in fresh whipped cream and chopped pecans. Call and place this special order for Valentine’s Day! Photo credit: @mothermousse

Mother Mousse is located on 3767 Victory Blvd and their second location is on 2175 Hylan Blvd. They have been baking exquisite desserts for over 30 years! This bakery takes their baking seriously! I have never seen their store front look less than perfect. They are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. They make custom coco bombs, strawberry shortcake, a variety of chocolate covered strawberries, the cutest gift baskets, breakable heart cookie kits, and a vanilla cake filled with their famous chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache on the outside with white chocolate drip on top! I am sure they have more up their sleeve as well! Another great pick is their cappuccino mousse cake! There is tons to try! If you ever have a party or gathering to go to, you’ll always be liked if you bring mother mousse!

Stunning birthday cake made by Sal’s bakery. Quickest response for a cake order is to call their store! Photo credit: @salsbakery

Western theme birthday cake done by Sal’s Bakery! The details on this cake is truly incredible! Call them now to place an order for your next special event! Photo credit: @salsbakery

Sal’s Bakery is located on 245 Richmond Valley Road. Sal’s Bakery is ranked one of the top bakeries on Staten Island. Many customers rave about Sal’s work. He always delivers what the customers want. His cakes are clean, fresh and taste great! The cakes he makes are so well constructed, it truly is amazing how detailed his work is. To see his work, look at his Instagram and you’ll be simply amazed! Definitely reach out to him if you need a cake for a special occasion.

Getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday this year at Moretti’s Bakery! Photo credit: @moretticakes

The most beautiful Baby shower cake done by Moretti Bakery! Photo credit: @moretticakes

Moretti Bakery is located on 640 Forest Avenue. Cinzia Distefano is the proud owner and makes the most delightful dream cakes! She makes all different types of flavors. Not only has she been picked for top 5 bakeries on Staten Island but she is also growing her family! What a year for her! All her baked goods are wonderful! She does a spectacular job in making custom cakes, cookies, donuts and more! Just stop in and tell her what you’d like and she would be thrilled to help make your occasion better or just fill in a sweet tooth!



If it makes you feel less guilty, everyone will be indulging in some sweets because Valentine’s Day is soon and it’s too sweet to pass up!

xoxo, SIL