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There’s No Place Like Home … Staten Island, New York

Welcome everyone to the new age of Staten Island. In this video we wanted to portray our adoration for this borough and show a beautiful lifestyle through personal moments. We wanted to create something that challenges the opinions and perception of those who may not be as familiar with Staten Island as we are. Our wish was to create something that’s long lasting, authentic and soulful. It was to showcase our hometown – a place where each outing is an occasion to seek new places and inspiration, and where you are lucky to find a hidden, unexpected treasure every time. It was to create a film which will, hopefully, make you proud to be a resident of this borough.

Maybe, in some ways, I’m a dreamer, but through our adventures on this island I have found a new deep appreciation of people and places that surround me. My amazing team and I have been working on completing this project for many months, and I am deeply grateful to finally be able to present it to all of you. It is my hope that with this film, people will appreciate the wonderful place we live in, will carry the beautiful message we wanted to get across through the film and will inspire other individuals to take pride in our community. As a member of our Staten Island community I feel it is my mission and, in some ways, my duty to spread the message of positivity and union. I am constantly inspired and in awe of the compassionate people around me – those who donate their time, contribute on regular basis and feel compelled to better the lives of others in this borough. I believe our collective effort in strengthening our community will build a brighter future for our children and create better opportunities for all.