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The St. George Green Market

SIL here, 

Letting everyone know, Saturday mornings are back for the local greenmarket specialties. Spring is just the beginning of warmer weather and there’s no excuse not to take advantage of it! Set your alarms and head down to the St. George location between St. Marks Place and Hyatt Street to check out the wide variety selection of fresh produce. 

Something about strolling through the green market just brings peace to mind. The blended vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables are esthetically pleasing. A smell of freshly baked bread, cookies and other baked goods overwhelm the air. The most heartwarming part is when all the friendly vendors come together to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience. 

It’s basically impossible to return home without freshly picked basil. The basil has a hint of lemon and is intensely fresh. While wondering through the market, either as the world’s best chef or your family’s personal cook, you’re still going to be inspired to put an amazing meal together. It’s no secret some of the best dishes are extremely flavorful because of their fresh ingredients and herbs. You should be covering your food with fresh herbs like cilantro, oregano, thyme or parsley, because believe it or not they have healing benefits. For example, cilantro helps remove mercury from the body and can kill bacteria found in salmonella and viral infections. Oregano helps energize and rejuvenate the body. Thyme is packed with vitamin C and vitamin A. It’s a great source of copper, fiber, iron and manganese.  Also, parsley improves bone health, protects chronic diseases, and provides antioxidant benefits. Being healthy is essential and that starts with your herbs and fresh green produce. The quality at the greenmarket is unmatched. 

My tips for going to the market are pretty simple, head over there as early as you can for the best selections and take out some cash for this specific event. A couple of my personal favorites would be the fresh herb focaccia at Bread Alone melts in your mouth, the sweet potatoes which I may add are to keep your pancreas in check and the Strawberry Apple Juice from Red Jacket Orchards full of citrus. 

Happy and healthy shopping!



xoxo SIL