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The best places for an untraditional Valentine’s Day date on Staten Island!

Previously, we have written about our top fancy restaurant locations to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day. This year we want to shine light and love on our fast food joints on Staten Island! Don’t feel like getting all dressed up this year? Rather do something a little more nonchalant? Here are some great food chains and fast food options that serve Valentine’s Day specials! I think we can all agree that comfort food really hits the spot sometimes. So grab your special someone and head over to one of these joints for a more chill and laid back Valentine’s Day!

Cassie extremely happy with her candle light dinner at Taco Bell!

Daniel put together a creative Taco Bell menu for their sit down dinner at Taco Bell!

Taco Bell: There is now 4 locations on staten island with the newest one being located in New Dorp. The locations of Taco Bell are 2475 Hylan Blvd, 1281 Forest Ave, 2259 Richmond Ave and 2655 Richmond Ave. Each location has a drive thru and dine in option. If taco bell is not a key to a girl’s heart, I don’t know what is! Taco Bell can be just as special to dine at if you bring your own white tablecloths, candles and champagne! This couple did just that and this guy’s girlfriend was extremely impressed he pulled it off! When you’ve been with someone for some time, you sure better hope your other half has a good sense of humor and is willing to keep things spicy! Cassie and Daniel nailed that on Valentine’s Day when the couple decided to celebrate the special day at Taco Bell. Cassie and Daniel printed menus that described each dish and laid them on the plates The “Tostada al Trapo” is listed as “Spiced minced beef, diced tomato, crisp lettuce, a lightly fried tortilla de maíz drizzled with crema and a cheddar cheese rémoulade all wrapped in a fresh tortilla de harina.” Seems accurate. Daniel did plan the whole thing with Cassie knowing, but was still extremely nervous to see if she would be happy with the end result and let’s just say she loved it! You can make anything look luxurious with some creativity. Just drizzle the hot sauce and BAM you have a high end presentation dish!


The special at White Castle called “love cube” and it couldn’t be more adorable!

White Castle: White Castle is the original fast food joint. It has been around since 1921 with over 360 locations across 13 states. White Castle has two locations on Staten Island. 2221 Hylan Blvd and 2238 Forest Ave.

The Hylan Blvd is the one location with dine-in optional! Every year they allowed reservations for Valentine’s Day, unfortunately this year is different. They are not forgetting about this special day though and still want to spread love. They have a special menu deal, they’re offering their Love Cube meal for two, which includes eight sliders with cheese, two small soft drinks and a choice of two shareable sides. The Love Cube meal will ONLY be available on Feb. 14th for takeout or delivery and will cost you $14.99! Its a win-win deal!

McDonald’s features the Valentine Friend Pack!

McDonalds: McDonald’s makes anyone smile. In 1940, Dick and Mac Mcdonald opened McDonald’s Barbecue Restaurant in San Bernardino, California, at 14th st. This is the original McDonalds’s! Now there are over 39,000 locations.

On Staten Island there are 7 locations and for anyone who enjoys this cultural sensation McDonald’s is hosting Valentine’s Day this year! McDonald’s is offering a lovely deal this Valentine’s Day with its popular $1 Valentine Friend Pack — perfect for kids to share with friends, family or classmates. This pack includes 12 coupons for freebies! Its a $20 value! The pack contains the following coupons and three of each: FREE bag of apple slices – reg price 99¢, FREE apple juice or milk jug – reg. Price $1.99, FREE hamburger – reg price $1.89 and FREE small vanilla cone – reg $1.89. The coupons are valid from February 14th to May 29th 2022!

Get them before they sell out and see who is your McValentine!

The cutest heart shaped chicken nugget on the planet! Staten Island’s Wendy’s are hosting major deals for Valentine’s Day!

Wendy’s: There are 6 locations on Staten Island. 1661 Hylan blvd, 330 Bay St, 26 Richmond Hill Rd, 1761 Forest Ave, 25 Putnam St, and 6420 Amboy Rd. Valentine’s Day, customers can get 25% off any delivery with a purchases of $15+ with Grubhub. Then from Feb. 12 – Feb. 20, enjoy a free Hot Honey Spicy Chicken Sandwich with any delivery worth $15 minimum or more on Doordash. Red roses go perfectly with a spicy chicken sandwich and some French fries!

Abigail and Noah from the Bachelor franchise promote the $5 Smoocho Sips and look adorable while doing so! Tipsy Cupid was Abigail’s favorite which was the vodka lemonade and Noah loved the strawberry mango date night daiquiri! (@applebees)

Applebee’s: There are 4 locations on Staten Island including the brand new one in Hylan Plaza. This Valentine’s Day enjoy their line-up of new $5 Smoocho Sips cocktails, which are made with premium spirits and served in a signature Mucho glass, that will pair perfectly with a number of fan favorites. Cheers, see you there for Valentine’s Day!

Chic fil-a loves Valentine’s Day! So come on down and order some waffle fries and chicken sandwiches!

Chick fil-a: For past Valentine’s Days, Chick-fil-A has offered 30-count nuggets and 10-count chick-n-minis on trays in the shape of a heart. These special trays will only be available at participating restaurants, so please check with your local restaurant to confirm. Make sure you collect your Chick fil-a points! The location on Staten Island is in the Staten Island Mall 2655 Richmond Ave.

Outback Steakhouse has amazing deals for this romantic Valentine’s Day! Check them out! @outbacksteakhouse

Outback Steakhouse: From Feb. 10 to Feb. 14, Outback is running a Valentine’s Day four-course specials starting at $54 a person. This special menu includes a grilled shrimp or Barbie appetizer, two side salads, two entrees and cheesecake. Outback is also bringing back the Berry Passion Tini just for Valentine’s Day! The Berry Passion Tini is made with Tito’s, Cruzan Passion Fruit Rum and pineapple juice handshaken with pureed strawberries and black cherries. The location in Staten Island is 280 Marsh Avenue so call now for a reservation!

Who would pass up a heart shaped donut?! We would not and that’s for sure! @timhortons

Tim Hortons: This Valentine’s Day, you could score a free heart-shaped doughnut when you buy any beverage, starting at 2 p.m. until close at participating locations. Yummy! There are two locations on Staten Island. 1562 Hylan Blvd and 1700 Richmond Ave.


Call Papa John’s now for this lovely deal! @papajohns

Papa Johns: Heart-shaped pizza is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Nothing says “I love you, but I’m not cooking tonight” like a heart-shaped pizza, so pick up a one-topping for just $11.99 from Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. It arrives unsliced, in all its glory, truly perfection! Locations on Staten Island would be 2175 Hylan Blvd and 1190 Forest Ave.

I can’t be the only person who walks into Staten Island Mall and craves one of these pretzels?! @auntieannspretzels

Auntie Anne’s: Auntie Anne’s is celebrating “knotty love” this Valentine’s Day by rewarding Pretzel Perks loyalty members with a “buy one, get one free Chocolate Frost” frozen beverage on Monday, Feb. 14 when they order in-store or online using the app. Pair with a pretzel or two for a sweet and salt-ry celebration with your loved one! Their pretzels and drinks are definitely high on my list!

Spread all the love this holiday and remember to check on your loved ones! Send us your romantic at home take out if you decide to pick up any of these meals above!

There are many ways to let someone know you love them, but there may be no better way than with food.