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Staten Island’s Warmest Beaches

View of the Verrazzano- Narrows Bridge, Staten Island

South Beach, photography credit to Elitephotographyny.

The gorgeous pier at South Beach.

South Beach Staten Island, photography credit to Elitephotographyny.

As a Staten Islander we fail to remember we have local beaches. South Beach is just one of many. This beach features the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk which is about 2.5 miles long. The boardwalk is perfect for an outdoor jog, family stroll or peaceful bike ride along the ocean view. Straight down Seaview Ave is a gorgeous pier you can walk on and watch people spend their day fishing. The beach is quite long, even with life guards during the day in certain sections. Be careful swimming if you are not near a lifeguard. The beach is well kept and all you need is a beach chair, a great book and some water to stay hydrated. If you pass the boardwalk and continue below to follow the path, you will eventually hit Fort Wadsworth. Once you reach the top of Fort Wadsworth, the scenery of NYC is simply remarkable and breathtaking. The view never gets old and you can watch the iconic Staten Island ferry ride back and forth. 

Fishing on a peaceful day at Midland Beach.

Fishing on a peaceful day at Midland Beach.

Waves crashing at Midland Beach.

Midland Beach: This beach is located the opposite way of Fort Wadsworth and pass the pier. There is a whole other paved path to walk down on and is about two miles long. There is an adorable water fountain on this path for the kids to splash around in.  Towards the end of this passage you will hit Miller Field. There is also multiple other trails you can continue to walk, run or ride your bike on. Midland beach is free, which is an additional plus. Arrange the beach chairs and sit back to relax with family and friends. Watch your kids build sand castles under the sun. Burry your toes in the sand and take advantage of what Staten Island has to offer. Don’t forget to see the view of the Verrazano bridge and the pier, it is winsome. 

Kids having themselves a grand ole time at Cedar Grove Beach.

Even the pups need to be cooled down and have some fun in the water at Cedar Grove Beach.

Cedar Grove Beach: This beach is located at the end of Midland Beach. It’s fairly new and smaller than Midland Beach. Not many people even know of its existence. It’s also, extremely well kept and quiet. If you are looking for more of a soothing spot, this is it! Sit back and enjoy the view of the islands while taking in some vitamin C. You can’t have a bad day if you are beaching it!

Lifeguards on duty at Wolfe’s Pond Beach.

Breathtaking sunrise at Wolfe’s Pond Beach, photography credit to Elitephotographyny.

Enjoying nature at it’s finest in Wolfe’s Pond Park! Photography credit to Elitephotographyny.

Wolfes Pond Park Beach: Wolfes Pond has a beautiful park and further down, is their beach. The beach in the morning is usually filled with dog smiles and tails wagging. A lot of dog owners take their dogs down there to get fresh air and socialize. This beach has been there for a while and is always lively. Lifeguards always on duty during the day to ensure safety for swimmers. Sunrises and Sunsets here are so surreal! 

Great Kills opening to their beach.

Ocean sounds are the most calming noises, especially at Great Kills.

Great Kills Beach at Gateway Park: Gateway Beach is right off of Hylan blvd.  Just further down passed the park and right across from the dock. Some prefer to run on the path all the way to the beach. I mean, the beach is the ideal spot for a break. Listening to the waves break to shore with the sun shinning is so relaxing. This beach is known to be approved for finding the most gorgeous seashells. Many people even channel their inner “Outer Banks” (the Netflix series) selves and find treasure! There are always people on this beach with metal detectors walking up and down. People tend to pick up that hobby in the summer. It is utmost tranquil getting up early on a Summer day and heading to the beach. Between listening to the seagulls and watching the glistening ocean it is always a win spending a day off here.

The Conference House Beach located at the end of Hylan Blvd.

The Conference House Beach: This beach is located at the very end of Hylan blvd in Tottenville. This beach is a little hidden but once you spot the gazebo you know you are feet away from reaching your destination. All hours of the day, this beach is extremely popular for fishing. There is always a crowd with fishing poles near shore. I personally believe it’s the best spot in Staten Island for fishing, just from my experience. No worries, if you are not a huge fan of fishing the beach is very long and you can always score a spot to just plant your toes in the sand and tan! Walking on the beach is the best exercise as well if you do not like laying out. Walking while enjoying the ocean, whats better than that ?! Sometimes, even dolphins are spotted!