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Staten Island – New York City’s Best Kept Secret. Part 1


All Photos by ShutterWhisper

Coming soon….the very personal project that has been in the works and close to my heart for a few years now. The dream to show Staten Island through my eyes and celebrate this beautiful town through experiences you can only have here. The many failed attempts came to an end when we finally found the right person to bring it all to life. Andrei Bart of Lighthouse Cinema truly understood the idea behind the project and shared our vision.

This weekend we shot the first part of the Staten Island Lifestyle video with our most amazing crew. Our friends’ commitment to the idea was beyond what we could have expected and I’m still astonished by their dedication and support.

This has been an emotional labor of love – love for our town and community, love for our home and the people that live here. Through many months of planning, overcoming difficult tasks and doubtful situations we gave it our all, and we can sincerely say- it was so worth the effort! We still have a lot to accomplish, but the vision is clear and the future is exciting!

It’s pretty incredible how venturing out into your own town as a tourist can present such beautiful experiences. We were on a mission to showcase the wonders of Staten Island and all the special places that are dear to our hearts. We set out to prove that you don’t need to escape the big city to have a unique getaway with your family and friends.

Our first location of choice was Alice Austen Museum. The most charming Dutch farmhouse is a historic landmark and was turned into a house museum for the late Alice Austen, one of America’s earliest female photographers who is best known for her documentary work. ‘Today the house and grounds recall the home as Alice knew it and a way of life that has passed into history.’ The scenic location set on carefully landscaped grounds, provides unparalleled views of the Verazzano bridge and the lower Manhattan.

The magical Snug Harbor was another destination of choice for our friends and children to enjoy. It was amazing to watch deliriously happy kids running wild among the many manicured gardens, secret tunnels, mazes and playing in the streams. Their smiles and laughter gave off a radiant light that kept us all in relaxed blissfulness for the greater portion of the afternoon.

Our last stop of the day took us to a peaceful location where we enjoyed deliciously warm water on the beach and richly colored hues of the sunset over the boardwalk. Franklin D. Roosevelt boardwalk was built in 1935 and is one of New York City’s most spacious beachfront areas, offering restaurants, playgrounds, baseball fields, fountains, a beautiful fishing pier and other beach-side amenities. A scenic walk on the beach felt as good as a vacation and provided a pleasant source of contentment served with a side of fantastical escapism.

It isn’t a fantasy island, but it is our island and we are proud to live here.