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Staten Island Florists we Love a Lily More Each Day

Spring is fast approaching and with bright flowers back in season, it’s a great time for everyone to take a trip to a local Florist on Staten Island! Traditionally, people only think of purchasing flowers for special occasions or funerals and unfortunately, most people purchase these flowers online, without ever stepping into the wonderful Florist shops that are available to Staten Islanders. Well, I’m here to tell you, that all needs to change!

Everyone can agree that receiving a bouquet of flowers brightens their day and makes them feel special, but there is also an element of self-care and self-nourishment that one can benefit from when visiting a local Florist. We created a list of local Florist shops on Staten Island that everyone should check out because I love the feeling I get walking through these beautifully decorated shops, building my own bouquet, getting expert care and attention, and then watching my home transform because of the beautiful arrangement I bring home. 

Moravian Florist on Richmond.

The decor at Moravian Florist.

Moravian Florist on Staten Island.

Gorgeous entrance in Moravian Florist.

Stunning bouquets ready to go in the front of the shop.

Spring decor at Moravian Florist.

Easter decor located at Moravian Florist.

Fresh flowers always located throughout.

Moravian Florist have more to offer than just beautiful flowers.

Colorful orchards showcased.

For special memory.

Moravian Florist is located on 2286 Richmond Road, Staten Island. The way they designed their shop is absolutely gorgeous, with a variety of stunning details like crystals hanging from trees to fake flowers that look so real and last forever. Fresh to-go bouquets are placed in front of the store for customers in a hurry and the staff are always friendly and attentive to their customers’ needs. They wrap the bouquets so elegantly and there are cards available at the counter to add a personalized note. 

All of their flowers are beautiful, but I especially love their “Best Sellers” section. I usually pick an arrangement from that bunch and you can visit their website to order from this selection as well. Moravian Florist also allows their customers to design custom bouquets for their customers that are feeling creative and they have a variety of fruit baskets and unique plants. It is always a wonderful experience buying and receiving their flowers! Scroll through their Facebook page and Instagram


Wildflowers located in New Dorp.

Wildflowers located in New dorp, Staten Island.

The owner smiling from ear to ear in his lovely florist shop in New Dorp.

Every detail in Wildflowers is thought out. The owner really displays his passion throughout.

Once walking into this shop, you will want to buy everything! Check out their Facebook!

Spring has definitely sprung in Wildflowers!

How many bunnies can you spot?!

Enchanted vibes only!

Breathtaking decor. Check out their Instagram!

Wildflowers is located at 101 New Dorp Plaza, Staten Island. This florist is family owned and you can instantly feel the enthusiasm they hold for their awe-inspiring shop when you enter. The second I walked in, I felt welcomed and excited! Their shop has astonishing vibes and I could not wait to tell the owner exactly what I was looking for. Not only did he exceed my expectations, but he enhanced my original idea immensely. I could not wait to deliver the jaw dropping arrangement he had created for me. 


The service at Wildflowers is unmatched. They go above and beyond for their customers and their sensational shop has more than just flowers. It is a florist with a mix of boutiques. They have nest candles everywhere, fabulous gifts, decor and more! They have a website where you can place orders and have them picked up as well. I could not recommend them enough to my family and friends! I rave about the atmosphere and my experience there all of the time. Visit their Facebook and Instagram when you have a chance! 


Eltingville Florist is located at 3938 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island.

Lovely orchards located in Eltingville Florist.

They always provide plenty of options to choose from.

For memory and prayer.

Wonderful arrangements found at Eltingville Florist.

They make the most impressive arrangements for events.

Always busy in the Eltingville Florist.

Decorative baskets, vases and gift boxes.

Take a stroll around in Eltingville Florist.

Eltingville Florist is located at 3938 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island. Not only do they have unbelievable bouquets, but they give the option of fruit, goodie, and gourmet baskets! They even have a large section of luxury bouquets that are so luxurious that if you need to send an “Apology Bouquet” you are guaranteed to be forgiven! A memorable purchase I’ve made was an eternal rose that still looks exactly the same since I bought it! 


Eltingville Florist does out of the ordinary things. For example, I once saw their “Magical Unicorn” bouquet for a sweet girl’s birthday! The creativity in their pieces shine through and make great statement pieces for gifts or events. Even if you are looking for a “Just Because” bouquet, they have an endless amount of options and the staff is always helpful. Their location is large and if you just were looking to pop in at the last minute there are still tons to choose from! 


This is one of two of Flowers by Bernard locations that is on Hylan Blvd.

Their adorable store front.

The cutest holiday decor.

All the spring colors will be found right here!

Flowers by Bernard located on Hylan Blvd.

Flowers by Bernard has two locations at 1439 Hylan Blvd and 6390 Amboy Road in Staten Island.

Not only do they have tons of flowers to choose from, but they also have unique plants as well!

Attach a gift to your floral arrangement!

The Easter colors are throughout this charming florist.

Lavender bouquets are found here, which I may add smell divine!

Flowers by Bernard has two locations at 1439 Hylan Blvd and 6390 Amboy Road in Staten Island. I have personally ordered flowers to be delivered multiple times through their website. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and their bouquets always match what they advertise on their website, or better. Deliveries always arrive promptly and it amazes me each time I use them! Flowers are placed in elegant vases which are great quality and I’ve kept two for my home! They always put the customer first, so of course whatever your needs are, it will be met. You can also work with their experts in the store to have a fantasy made reality delivered to any event you have! Check out their Instagram and Facebook



Spring is almost in full bloom and between you and I, with so many great Florists to pick from on Staten Island, I think that’s more than enough of an excuse to go get a random bouquet for yourself or someone you know! Xoxo SIL