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Staten Island 2019 Holiday Homes

Heres a list of homes that are beautifully decorated for the Holiday Season.

Across the borough, Staten Islanders give a new meaning to Holiday decorating. Elaborately accessorizing their homes with hundreds to thousands of lights, these Staten Island homes will definitely get you in the Holiday Spirit. Celebrate the magic of the season with these most decked out holiday homes on Staten Island!


  • Kingdon Ave & Algonkin St- Everyones favorite home on the block! This house is hard to miss as its fully covered in decorations.

Kingdon Ave & Algonkin St


  • 580 Woolley Ave- This home truly reflects the Christmas spirit as the front yard has been taken over by bears, snowmen and penguins.
Woolley Ave

580 Woolley Ave


  • 187 Spring St-┬áThis home located in the #NOSI end of Staten Island is really a sight to see. Two large nutcracker soldiers adorn the doors which are surrounded by many lights and decorations.

187 Spring St


  • 98 E Broadway- Displaying a light show from 5:00 P.M.- 11:59 P.M, this home does more than entertain its visitors but also accepts donations towards the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

98 E Broadway


  • 177 Katan Avenue- Located on the South Shore end of Staten Island, every inch of this home is covered in lights, illuminating the whole block.

177 Katan Ave


  • Amboy Rd & Bland Pl- You won’t find another home that has this many Mickey Mouse decorations.

Amboy Rd & Bland Pl


  • 18 Carpenter Avenue- This home is guaranteed to be every kids favorite home as it features their favorite characters.

18 Carpenter Ave


  • 107 Sharrotts Road- Every year people look forward to seeing Joe DiMartino’s home. With almost 35 years of experience, this New York Native has been continuing this tradition from when he was a kid. A holiday home decorating veteran, it takes him roughly 3 months to complete his decorations.

107 Sharrotts Rd