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Sensory Gyms and Activities on Staten Island!

For kids who have sensory needs, there is a lot more to do on Staten Island than you think! If your kids need more attention in specific areas, look no further! There are plenty of specialists who work at Do me a favor and the Sensory studios. The sensory gyms on Staten Island offers to improve communicative, fine and gross motor skills integratively.

Do me a favor party and play Center located on Fingerboard road!

Learning area in the studio.

Fun activities and rock wall for the kids.

Staten Island “Do me a favor” sensory playground.

Learning is fun on Staten Island!

DO ME A FAVOR is located on 126 Fingerboard Road Staten Island, 10305. They are a veteran owned and family run facility. They offer a variety of specials including private birthday parties, custom favors, and a play time membership! Their parties will shut down the gym for privacy and they even allow outside food and decor to make the day even more special! If interested in their party packages visit their website or give them a direct call to book now! Their parties include full access to the gym, zip line, a light show, music, and more! The kids always leaving their gym with huge smiles on their face. To see the workers have so much passion behind what they do for your kids is extremely heart warming. They want to help improve any kids abilities and to reach higher goals each time they return!

The Sensory Studio has 3 locations. This is the Johnson Street location.

Beautiful and fun paint work on the glass windows at their studio.

Very colorful Sensory artwork!

The Sensory Studio on Staten Island.

The new gorgeous sensory studio!

Everything is brand new for the kids!

Lots of activities to choose from.

Sensory Gym.

The large rock wall in the Sensory Studio!

Can only go up!

Great play area for the kids!

Private room for sessions.

The cutest activities.

5 cents please!

Candy lane located at the Sensory Studio on Staten Island!

Plenty of fun here!


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A smile goes a long way!

The Sensory Studio have three locations right here on Staten Island 225 Richmond Rd, 445 Forest Avenue, and 8 Johnson Street. Each location offers specialized therapies, workshops, counseling, and guidance for parents interested in having their kids reach their highest potential! They provide direct, evidence-based therapeutic intervention, as well as groups and classes of creative expression for infants, toddlers, school-aged children, adolescents, and adults. The Sensory Studio offers a state of the art, fully-equipped sensory gym with vestibular and proprioceptive supports, extensive swing program, rock climbing wall, trampoline, climbing ramps, and more! To work on kids self esteem with speech and language, along with occupation therapy is immensely important. Their website also provides a blog section. One particular blog that stood out to me was how they gave insight on commonly used terms. Speech and Occupational therapists use a wide variety of terms and to break it down easier for those who are not sure what exactly they mean you can find right here in this article. The definitions of layman’s terms are listed. This studio is amazing and also, take interns who have extraordinary accomplishments and wonderful backgrounds. Every single worker and therapist present make sure your child or children are working at their very own best ability and having fun while doing it, isn’t too bad?! Call now for an appointment!

The Sensory Inclusive Location where you can ask for the sensory backpack!

If your child has sensory needs and are looking for an activity to do as a family, the Staten Island Zoo has partnered up with KultureCity to make that easy. Staten Island Zoo has shown it is important to them be able to provide an overall and smooth experience for all guests with sensory processing needs. The Staten Island Zoo continues to raise awareness of the requirements and obstacles faced by individuals with sensory needs by maintaining their team with training and offering the correct resources and accommodations. Some may include, sensory bags, weighted lap pads, and the social story and kulturecity all inclusive app! The sensory bag includes KCVIP badge, fidget tools, noise canceling headphones and other resource items. The lap pads are found at the booth right when you walk through main entrance, all you have to do is leave an ID at booth to ensure you’ll return the lap pad. The app allows to additional help for your visit at the Staten Island Zoo. The Staten Island Zoo is doing an incredible job with including all guests and making each and every one of them feel welcomed. Did you know 1 in 5 people have a disability in the United States. 16% having visible disabilities and the remanding 84% with invisible disabilities for example PTSD, autism, strokes and etc. Majority of these groups deal with sensory issues everyday. Click on the Staten Island Zoo website for more information!

Horseback riding safely! Photo credit:

Too cute! Photo credit:

The Staten Island Recreational Association is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization located in Staten Island. This program provides equine assisted activities to children ages 3-21 with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. Therapeutic Riding has multiple benefits for improving everyday life skills! This is the ONLY Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International center is located on 599 Father Capodanno Staten Island, NY 10305. Children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain injuries, Learning disabilities and Anxiety Disorders can benefit from a horse’s motion.It is gentle and is able to move the rides manner similar to the human gait. Individuals with physical disabilities tend to show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Being surrounded by the beautiful animals improves individuals with emotional disabilities by feeling connected with the horse. This builds a relationship with the horse and encourages ones confidence, patience, self-awareness and self-esteem. Horses are special animals and being around them cancels out anything being worried about. The pure joy any animal brings is truly unconditional. The horses names are Reno, Raymond, Alfie, Jewel and Harley! Make sure to send an application or email to sign up in order to meet these wonderful horses. There is a rider manual on their website to look through before sending an application. Volunteers for this program are always welcomed as well!