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Paying It Forward this Holiday Season

Tis the season. Every year around the holidays, like so many others, I look for ways to give back to the community that I live in with my family and love dearly. My intention was to do a good deed and pay it forward. Since becoming a first time mom this year, I visit Babies R Us on regular basis and shop there frequently for all the baby essentials. So giving back to the family in need in this particular store just made perfect sense. I remember when my family came to America, like many immigrant families, we didn’t have much and my mom often left things on layaway. So I can entirely relate to the situation that so many families are in.

Today I walked into Babies R Us on Richmond Ave, Staten Island and asked to speak to a manager. I asked her who has an active layaway that specifically included toys meant for little kids. I offered to kindly pay off the balance. At fist the manager was confused as to what I wanted but once I explained my intent she was so touched and happy, she rolled up her sleeve and exclaimed “look I have goosebumps!” Then she quickly ran into the storage room to look at the notes and rushed back with a big smile on her face. She found a layaway for a little girl. She was so excited to call and let the family know they can pick up their items in time for the holidays.

I posted the video on Facebook, not to draw attention to myself, but to share how a simple act of kindness can have a direct impact on someone’s like, bring joy, make the holidays brighter and hopefully inspire some people along the way. The second the video was up it received overwhelming support. I didn’t expect the kind of attention the post would get, but it’s simply amazing how many people embraced the idea of giving back. I have been receiving private messages from people all over the country that have followed the idea and surprised a family in need with a paid of purchase. It’s because of people like you, so many struggling families have been getting calls with wonderful news of their purchases being paid off just in time for the holidays. If anyone ever had doubts about the decency of humans, the kindness shown by all that responded and paid forward should lay those doubts to rest. So thankful to be surrounded by such caring individuals.

Even if you don’t have much right now, you have enough to share with others. You don’t have to give millions to make an impact. Start with simple acts of kindness ??

Happy Holidays!