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Parks in Staten Island that Locals Love


Borough of Parks

    Discover New York’s greenest borough with acres of scenic routes, hiking trails, and parks. Here are some of the most popular parks in Staten Island.

  1. Greenbelt: A system of parklands making up almost 3,000 acres of land. The Greenbelt is comprised of many different centers and parks filled with all different kinds of activities for you to do.
    • Greenbelt Conservancy: They sustain and enhance the Greenbelt, an open space in Staten Island, through educating, conserving, researching, and prudent recreation.
    • Greenbelt Recreation Center: Here are some of the offerings at this facility :
      • After-school program for children ages 6-13
      • Yoga for limited mobility / Stretch & Tone / Burmese style
      • Hip-hop aerobics for adults and kids
      • Flag football training
      • and more…


  1. Willowbrook Park: A 164-acre public recreational park that is part of Greenbelt and includes baseball fields, a playground, and a pond.  This park offers:
    • The Carousel for All Children
    • Barbecue areas
    • Dog-friendly areas
    • and more…

Carousel For All Children (Willowbrook Park)


  1. High Rock Park: This park is also part of the Greenbelt. It surrounds you with nature with its woodlands, ponds, and wildlife. This park is perfect for hiking as it even has a hill with panoramic views at the top. This park offers:


  1. Conference House Park: More than just a picturesque park, the Conference House Park also holds a lot of history! The park includes three historical homes including the Conference House, famous for being the place which held the meeting for the unsuccessful Revolutionary War peace treaty. This park includes:
    • Historic locations
    • Kayak and Canoe launches
    • Dog-friendly areas
    • and more…

The Conference House (Conference House Park)


  1. Freshkills Park: From being the biggest landfill in the world to becoming the largest park to be developed in NYC in over 100 years, Freshkills Park has a staggering 2,220 acres of green-lands. That’s almost three times the size of Central Park! Some of the offerings at this park include:
    • Kayaking
    • Trails for horseback riding
    • Observational art classes
    • and more…


  1. Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden: A stunning 83-acre blend of gardens, museums, galleries, educational opportunities, and seasonal festivals. Some of the offerings include:
    • Chinese Scholar’s Garden
    • Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
    • The Heritage Farm
    • and more…

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden


  1. Wolfe’s Pond Park: Looking for a BBQ area and a view? This large seaside public park, located on Staten Island’s South Shore, is a nature and wildlife preserve that is also equipped with these amenities:
    • Barbecue areas
    • Athletic fields
    • Beach access
    • and more…


  1. Silver Lake Park: With 209 acres filled with greenery and amenities, there is a lot to do at Silver Lake Park! Silver Lake also holds lots of history, as it was formed from springs at the end of the ice age, was used as an ice harvesting spot during the 19th and early 20th century, and hosted the  National Skating Amateur Championship races in 1897. This park offers:
    • Golf courses
    • Playgrounds
    • Dog-friendly areas
    • and more…


  1. Clove Lakes Park:  this park is surrounded by natural beauty, as it is a preserved site. There are a lot of amenities within the park including:
    • Paddleboat rentals
    • Fitness equipment
    • Fishing areas
    • Restaurants/Eateries
    • and more…

Clove Lakes Park