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My Big Fat Greek Festival

My visit to the annual Greek Food Festival, held in the parking lot of Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, was all about trying authentic foods, drinking good wine and experiencing the rich culture. The atmosphere was most festive with high energy, children laughing and music playing in the background. The parishioners, that prepare the tasty dishes, were very sweet and added to the overall experience. And you don’t have to be Greek to go!

I’ll be honest, when it came to Greek food, my experience was limited to a Greek salad with olives, which I prefer on many occasions for lunch. However, last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavorful variety of Greek cuisine. It came in many shapes and forms, from smoky shish-kebab to delicious pastries.

Wandering around the festival, one could witness the traditional cooking methods of grilling meat that enhances its flavor. Want to know the secrets? Try chatting up the cook over a glass of wine, you may take away some tips. Take the time to explore what’s on the menu and then start trying. All the food is wonderfully enjoyable.

It’s amazing to see how towards the end of the night the place gets packed with people. At every table friends are having conversations and sharing stories, all the while enjoying a good meal. Take your little ones along, there are lots of fun things for them to do. Complete with rides, musical entertainment and games, the Greek Festival is sure to be a fun affair for the whole family.

The fair runs for two weekends in September, 9-11th and 16-18th at 1641 Richmond Ave.

The images I took were enhanced for fun, to make them look as if they’ve been processed using old-fashioned darkroom technique. Enjoy!