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We are very excited to launch a new section on our blog – The Contributors. It’s been our long-held aspiration to create a space where we can share more stories from local experiences around town. We are a group of islanders who are passionate about our borough and we cannot wait to share with you all the things we love about living here. We are individuals from different backgrounds and with diverse interests, and we are bringing fresh perspectives to the lifestyle on Staten Island. It is our desire and a common vision that inspires us to build a stronger community with our residents, by sharing our stories with you. Our authors will encourage the readers to explore various interests on Staten Island based on their social and professional backgrounds and hobbies. Hopefully we can introduce you to new, fun content from captivating individuals who are involved in an array of recreational activities. Be sure to check the blog on a regular basis for new and entertaining articles!
As a Real Estate Salesperson at Robert Defalco Realty, I enjoy working in Staten Island, a borough known for its natural beauty and picturesque neighborhoods. My motivation to create was driven by my passion for our community and its people. is dedicated to the residents of Staten Island. This informational portal will offer its readers stories about the local news, entertainment and business events. Additionally, in the real estate section you will be able to find local listings, all insight articles and tips pertaining to the industry. The goal of this site is to showcase our town and to celebrate it through common experiences. reflects our unique perspective on the social life of our town and acts as a local guide to the exciting places and events that can be found on Staten Island.
Rikki Ziegelman is a Staten Island native and an NYC based performer, producer and journalist. She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2018 with degrees in Musical Theatre and Journalism, and has since then found her place in freelance work within both fields. She strives to create work that is reflective of the social and political climate, and that induces and inspires change. Since graduating, she has produced and starred in an Off Broadway show called “Evelyn: A New Musical” as well as kickstarted her own work called “The Lady Power Project: A Devised Song Cycle” to premiere this fall. Alongside, she has had her journalism work published on and Check out for more updates!
“Jason is currently the owner and co-founder of Movement arts academy with over 20 years of experience in the luxury health and fitness club industry and has excelled in various roles from Personal Trainer to General Manager. As a knowledgeable wellness expert, his passion for fitness and architectural design, has led him to create some of the most beautiful spaces in the NYC boutique club landscape. Jason’s a thoughtful leader and successful operator of upscale fitness clubs and President of Daniels Group Solutions, developed policy and SOP’s, streamlined sales processes, converted clubs to green energy and products, restructured departments, rebranded businesses and modernized systems for many companies, including Equinox, Orangetheory Fitness, MatchPoint NYC and La Palestra. Movement Arts is a New York City based training academy. Movement Arts classes are founded on the four elements of Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Athletic Conditioning. This challenging fusion of disciplines works in synergy to create innovative classes that get you out of the gym and into your body! Every group workout provides you with the technique and physical challenges you need when a high-performance body is your ultimate goal. Learn how to move smarter and become the architect of your new physique as you tap into the potential of the human body. Movement Arts is a full body, movement focused, fusion training system. Our mission is to change the way people understand and engage their health and fitness programs. Our easy to follow, inter-disciplinary approach is accessible to anyone. MVMT ARTS classes and online coaching programs are a fusion of the world’s most powerful expressions of human movement which are, dance, martial arts, gymnastics and athletic conditioning. We offer a new approach to exercise programming. ”
Sam Ryz
Sam Ryz is the Vice president of client relations at a boutique mortgage firm. He has over 13 years in the financial services industry including 7 years in banking and lending. With a bachelor degree from Baruch college in finance and investments Sam’s role is to utilize his rich financial background to ensure overall client satisfaction throughout the entire mortgage process. Sam is also an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He owns Bam It Up photo booth experience, an event planning and marketing company specializing in the photo booth experience. Sam joins Staten Island Lifestyle because of his vision to provide the local residents with a better experience of living on Staten Island. His enthusiasm shows in the excitement and energy he infuses into every event he covers. His humor makes him a fun host and an organizer. His passion for the community displays how incredibly well-versed he is on the ins and outs of the city’s neighborhoods. He enjoys exploring our borough and taking us for the ride!
Bailey Van Tassel