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To honor New York entering Phase 4 of COVID-19 recovery, this non-profit organization plans an OUTDOOR YouTube video. The Harlem-headquartered arts/dance non-profit organization, BALLROOM BASIX®, plans to bring much needed attention and positivity to this milestone in the COVID-19
saga with their ”MACORONARENA” FLASH BASH: a PPE protocol-inspired parody of the famous 1990s line dance: the “Macarena”— a welcome celebration of diversity, unity and dance. BALLROOM BASIXTM brings “fun, fitness and fancy footwork” to elementary and middle schools throughout all five boroughs of NYC, most recently four (4) schools this year in Staten Island: PS10, PS54, PS59 and PS65. The program was created 12 years ago in a single Harlem classroom by Founder and Executive/Artistic Director, Sidney “Dr Dance” Grant. His goal was not only to create an arts experience that was all-inclusive and encouraged all students to dance with one another, but also ensure it was non-competitive—culminating in a signature BALLROOM BASIX BASH. These BASH events unite students from different schools and allow them to dance together for the first time in front of their schools’ faculty and staff, along with their friends and family.

When the country entered a state of emergency because of the coronavirus, Dr Dance wanted to create a fun, meaningful way to promote all social distancing and the use of masks and gloves. “Families are far too sedentary in quarantine,” says Dr. Dance, “and sadly many are simultaneously suffering from anxiety, boredom and depression Our “COVID-19 Dance Craze” serves as a catalyst for improved emotional, psychological and physical well-being at a time of so much crisis and chaos.”

After the success of Macoronarena “FLASH BASH” events in Memphis, St. Louis, Cleveland, BALLROOM BASIX® will be hosting another ”FLASH BASH” on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 from 5pm-8pm at La Tourette Park’s “Field of Dreams” in Staten Island. This is the third FLASH BASH of its kind in New York City, the first two performed at Corona Park and Rockaway Beach. For more information, or to RSVP for the event, sign up at their Facebook page. To find out more information about BALLROOM BASIX® and their mission, their website address is: or follow them on Instagram and Twitter!

For more information, click HERE to watch the original MaCORONArena video, and HERE to watch a previous flash bash!

Rikki Ziegelman