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Hurricane Sandy Informational Page

Hurricane Sandy is on the way, winds are already being felt in the city, but the most damaging winds are coming in tomorrow. Hurricane Sandy has led to some mandatory evacuations of coastal areas and barrier islands. This evacuation affects more than 300,000 New York City residents. City officials are urging everyone to take the evacuation seriously.

Here’s the need-to-know information:

  • To make sure which evacuation zone you are in please call 311 or Find Your Zone Here
  • All 76 evacuation shelters are open and wheelchair accessible, fully staffed and fully supplied across the city, as of 9 AM this Sunday, October 28th. Evacuation centers are pet friendly. Find locations by calling 311, visit,  or you can also text requests or questions to 311692.
  • If you cannot evacuate yourself and need assistance, please call 311
  • Entire transit system is being shut down this evening, October 28th: Last trains will run at 7 PM and the last buses will run at 9 PM. The transit system will remain closed until further notice.
  • Alternate side parking rules and meters are suspended for tomorrow, Monday, Oct 29th.
  • All schools will be closed Monday, October 29th. An announcement will be made Monday afternoon regarding Tuesday closures.
  • Long power outages are possible. Utility crews are on standby.
  • The Staten Island Ferry will operate until 8:00 pm today, October 28th, from St. George Terminal and 8:30 pm from Whitehall Terminal this evening, after which service will be suspended until further notice.
  • Adult and nursing homes are being staffed at 150 percent and prepared to stay on-site for 48 hours.
  • All events in New York City Parks taking place after 2 p.m. today, October 28th, are canceled, and all parks, playgrounds and beaches will close at 5 p.m. today, October 28th.
  • Winds are expected to pick up speed at approximately 5:00 p.m. Sunday, October 28th. Department of Buildings has ordered a stop to all construction.
  • Prepare a go-bag that includes water, a first aid kit, flashlights, important documents including copies of any prescription medications, and an extra set of keys.
  •  Staten Island has five evacuation centers: Curtis High School in St. George, Markham Intermediate School in Graniteville; Petrides Complex in Sunnyside; Susan Wagner High School in Sea View; and Tottenville High School.

NYC Evacuation Zones

Hope this information helps, check back when you need more information on how to be prepared for Hurricane Sandy and please stay safe!