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Goodhue Center of Staten Island- Ballroom Basix

On the morning of February 11th, 2020, the Goodhue Center of Staten Island hosted a wonderful event for the 5th grade children from PS65 and PS54. The program served as a conclusion to a program called BALLROOM BASIX™- an organization that brings “fun, fitness and fancy footwork” to elementary and middle schools throughout all five boroughs, and more recently throughout the region as well.

5th grade children from PS65 and PS54

BALLROOM BASIX™ was created around 12 years ago in a Harlem classroom by founder and artistic director, Sidney “Dr Dance” Grant. Grant wanted to create a program that was all inclusive and encouraged every student to dance with one another, but also a program that was non-competitive and that culminates in, what the program calls, a BASH. A BASH unites students from different schools and allows them to dance together for the first time in front of their schools’ faculty and staff, along with their friends and family. As of 2018, BALLROOM BASIX™ finally had the opportunity to expand their program to all five boroughs and include its first residency in Staten Island. Since then, the program has been installed in four schools throughout the island- and hopes to continue growing throughout our borough.

5th grade children from PS65 and PS54

The staff at BALLROOM BASIX™ described this particular BASH as one of their biggest yet- as it housed 4 classes of children and the audience was packed with eager parents ready to see their children dance, some even for the first time! As the students entered the gymnasium and the cameras continued to flash upon their arrival, the smiles on their faces were unmatched and certainly the result of a successful program. “This is the first year that our students experienced BALLROOM BASIX™, and as a principal of an elementary school- I believe this experience was remarkable and so beneficial to their lives,” says the principal from PS65, Sophie Scamardella. “It taught them about culture, and different cultures, as well as dance, and it made them feel great about themselves and helped developed relationships with their peers.”

5th grade children from PS65 and PS54

BALLROOM BASIXz2 is delighted to have expanded to more than just one Staten Island school, and hopes to continue to grow within the borough in years to come. To view more photos and keep up with their endeavors, feel free to follow BALLROOM BASIX™ on Facebook & Instagram. “There are a multitude of values to this program,” Scamardella continues, “and I will definitely be using BALLROOM BASIX™ forever!”

Rikki Ziegelman