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10 Best Halloween Decorated Houses on Staten Island


This Halloween, experience some thrills and chills at the 10 best decorated homes on Staten Island.Get ready to spook up your day with these Spooktacular homes. They are, without a doubt, the creepiest, craziest and most frightening homes you’ll ever see. Sound effects, fog and synchronized lighting complete the spine-chilling atmosphere around each home and add a terrifying twist.


While some of the homeowners seek out the best decorations available to create a haunted home, others spend their time actually making the decorations from scratch for months! All are equally impressive and very scaaaaryyyyyyy. Take a ride and get your dose of frights at homes that have been transformed into a Halloween nightmare, but beware, you never know what’s lurking in the darkness. They are waiting for you with special treats…..Are you that fearless soul brave enough to pay a visit? Will you make it through the list or will you run??!!!

#1. 19 Bolivar St. This home has added a lot of character to the front porch with these Halloween decorations.




#2. 29 Ellsworth Ave. This next house will surely give trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests a scare with these larger-than-life-size figures. Are you brave enough to enter?




#3. 41 Kingdom Ave. This next home will be a crowd-pleaser for all the Halloween guests, don’t miss it.



#4. 78 Lindenwood Rd. A very creative 12 year old boy with big imagination lives in this next home. Every year he spooks up his house with all the handmade Halloween decorations he can craft.



#5. 580 Woolley Ave. This next home is bumping up the creep factor with oversized spiders, brain-hungry zombies and witches. The owners present a frightening show at 8pm, make sure to go!

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#6. 238 Caswell Ave. This home is adding a Halloween spirit to their front yard with some seriously spooky details.

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#7. 30 Edison St. This home is ready for the arrival of the trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests with some creepy-crawly characters and big graphic figures.

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#8. 120 Ainsworth Ave. The next house features creepy creatures and terrifying realistic sets.

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#9. 32 Santa Monica Ln. This horror-filled front yard will make your skin crawl with terrifying realistic props. This haunted house will make you run and panic!

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#10. 92 Beacon Ave. This home is deathly serious with the display of realistic-looking graves, skeletons other undead monsters.

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Wishing everyone a Happy and safe Halloween!