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Warren Buffet on Real Estate: Buy!

Photo credit Suppose you were looking to buy a house in Staten Island and were, say, indecisive. Given the chance, who would you ask for real estate investment advice: your mother or Warren Buffet? If you picked your mother, well I’m sure she’s a very sweet lady, but I have a feeling she might not …
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Realtors Decline in Numbers

Photo credit As the housing market continues to struggle, the number of members of the National Association of Realtors dips below 1 million. The highly inter-dependent relationship between the number of actively practicing Realtors and the economy is what guides the changes that can be seen in this profession. As you are well aware, the real estate …
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SIEDC 14th Annual Awards Ceremony

Every year, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation honors community leaders in economic development, at an official Awards Ceremony held in Staten Island. This year the ceremony took place at a magnificent waterfront facility – The Vanderbilt at South Beach. The event brought some of Staten Island’s biggest movers and shakers who joined SIEDC in …
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