Valentine’s Drawing with Inna at Alor Cafe Pasta

We are super excited to host this social drawing, First-Time-Ever, event called “Valentine’s Drawing with Inna at Alor Cafe Pasta” on Staten Island and be able to bring this to our wonderful community. This event will be instructed by an incredible and very talented artist, Inna Ivd of Drawing With Inna and taking place at, where else? The delicious – Alor Cafe Pasta! Presented by Staten Island Lifestyle.

Only 4 days left to an amazing Love Day! Hopefully all of us get to celebrate every day and appreciate wonderful and beautiful things that we have in our daily lives. Valentine’s Day is the day on which we show our Love to the very special people in our lives and with whom we get to share those daily wonders.
Are you ready to show your Love?

On February 11 @7:30pm at Alor Pasta cafe, you’ll have an unforgettable experience creating your very own, beautiful and unique piece of art painted on a canvas to give to a very special person in your life. Even if that person is YOU!

Set your love birds free to explore the beautiful world of creativity.
The tickets are $65 (Cash Only) and include the following:

3 Glasses of Wine (White or Red)
A choice of 2 delicious and freshly baked flatbreads
( Flatbreads:
1. Mushroom roast, chorizo, chili flakes, parmesan
2. Mozzarella, ricotta, onion jam, prosciutto
3. Goat cheese, spinach, red onion, bacon, charred tomato
4. Fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion, rosemary, pesto)
Coffee or Tea


2 Hours Of Fantastic and Professional guided artistic instructions and all the necessary paint materials.

We hope you can join us for a night full of fun and inspirational experiences. At the end of the night you’ll walk away with your very own masterpiece, lots of fun memories and maybe, even a few new friends! Get ready for a fun night of “painting and tasting”. No previous art experience necessary.

Update:    Feb, 15, 2014.


Wanted to thank everyone that came out and shared this amazing experience with us. It turned out even better than we expected. It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone and having the best time. Hope to see you all again at our next event. Here’s a video capturing our incredible night!

Happy Holidays Staten Island!

Happy Holidays from all of us here on Staten Island! Wishing you and your families the most amazing and happy New Year. Wishing you to be thankful for what you have, yet to never stop reaching for the stars. Always challenge yourself and never give up on your dreams. May the New Year bring you positive emotions, love, magical moments and the most wonderful memories. Take care of yourself and each other. Wishing everyone peace, happiness and health!

Happy New Year to Each and Every One of You!

Holiday Giveaway 2013

It’s here! We are hosting another holidays giveaway! We want to share the spirit of the winter holiday season with you by giving away special prizes!  Hope you can win your wish for the holidays.


For our grand prize this year, we are partnering up with a company called Door to Door Organics. They makes it easy to eat Good Food – food that supports health, community, and the environment. The company delivers year round and all of their food is farm-fresh organic produce and a selection of local, natural, and artisan groceries. They help you put it all together to make seasonally inspired meals your family will love!
The Door to Door Organics is giving away $100 in free groceries!
Here’s how it works: customers create an account, pick a box type and size, and then frequency and then begin shopping! There is no delivery fee and you can cancel at any time. Deliveries are made right to the customer’s house!

Our second prize winner will receive a beautiful photograph of their choice on a canvas from the one and only Dmitriy Mirochnik of . Few words from the photographer below:

“It’s great to be able to put a smile on someone’s face. That’s why during the holiday season I try to do something special. Past few years Kristina Gershteyn and I ran a holiday giveaway where some lucky winners received amazing prizes. Previously the prize that I contributed was a print of my choosing. This year, I would like to do something different. Once the winner is announced, I am going to ask him or her to log into my website and choose a picture that they like. Once the choice is made, I will present them with a canvas print of that image. I think it’s going to be great! I am really looking forward to it and wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.”

It is such a pleasure being able to do a giveaway year after year for our Staten Island community and share the holiday cheer. Thank you to everyone who supports us and helps us make the holidays that much more special.

To Enter do the following:

1. Leave a Comment below!

2. “Like” Door to Door Organics on Facebook.

3. “Like” Dmitriy Mirochnik Photography on Facebook.

Good luck!

Please Note:

Contest ends Tuesday, 31st at 12:00 AM. Update: Extended entry period. Happy Holidays!

The winner will be randomly selected.

If you are a prize winner:

You will receive a winner notification email with the pick-up details. Prizes will not be shipped (sorry!)



Congratulations to the winners of our Holiday Giveaway 2013!

Grand Prize winner:  Kelly A McLoughlin

$100 in free groceries from Door to Door Organics!

Second Prize winner: Inga

A beautiful photograph of your choice on a canvas from Dmitriy Mirochnik of!

The winners were chosen at random using

Thank you so much for your comments and for your support of Staten Island Lifestyle! A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.

Happy Holidays!


Chili, BBQ CookOff and Uncorked 2013

As New Yorkers, we are often rushed through our daily routine, overwhelmed and stressed out most of the time, trying to finish as much as we can by the day’s end. Always in a hurry, we eat, talk, walk and drive, thinking of what we have to do next and forgetting about what matters most, like spending quality time with your loved ones. There’s usually very little time left to do what we actually enjoy and what makes us happy, but few special local Staten Island events allow us to experience just that. That’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love events that take place at the Historic Richmond town; NYC Chili, BBQ Cookoff and Uncorked, among others. These gatherings showcase culinary talents of the pros and celebrate the skills of the rookies. They are centered around family and our community, bringing so many different age groups and people together for one reason that unites us all – delicious food!

Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond TownUncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town

Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town

Uncorcked 2013 Historic Richmond Town

Historic Richmond Town events on Staten Island are one of my favorite recommendations and activities I anticipate most every spring, and for a good reason. Year after year, we get to taste mouthwatering culinary creations all in the historic setting of Richmond Town where you can find a designated spot to spread out a blanket and relax. Just think about tasting a variety of hearty, spicy, beef and vegetarian chili, hot and flavorful salsa, melt-in-your-mouth bbq ribs, delicious slow-cooked pulled pork sliders and more, infusing happiness into our lives with every bite. Next time definitely plan to attend and you’ll find there is much to do including food tasting, culinary demonstrations, exciting competitions, historic landmark tours, hay jumps, all day activities, children’s rides, performances by local musicians and even a Mariachi band.

BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
BBQ CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town

There are many elements that make this place a gem – open grassy spaces, designated seating areas and authentic historic buildings that have been restored and are open to the public. This beautiful place is the perfect backdrop for family fun where kids can enjoy the outdoors and active recreation. Make sure to stop by on any given weekend and check out their official site, Historic Richmond Town, for scheduled events year round.

Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town

Some of our favorite stands and contestants that won us over include:

Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Daddy O’s BBQ and Sports Bar, the only authentic smoke house on Staten Island. The energy and the hype of the crew at the Daddy Os BBQ stand matched their flavorful chili.
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Smokey Joe’s BBQ cooks, four friends that like to cook chili and BBQ together. It was the guys’ first year at the cook off, doing a recipe testing and welcoming public reactions, jokingly calling it market research. Their chili was sweet with a surprising kick of heat.
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Culinary renegade, “Chef Rob” won people’s choice award for his delicious and chunky chili for the last 3 years in a row. Rob’s home kitchen is at Harvest Cafe on New Dorp Ln, run by a Very Special Place and open for breakfast and lunch daily.
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Chili CookOff 2013 Historic Richmond Town
Ian McCabe from Connecticut is a family man and a carpenter that prepares amazing chili. We had a chance to meet him and his adorable family at this event. He spoke of his passion for cooking his secret recipes and sharing it with the public, saying “The people want to come in here and try the best authentic chili and enjoy themselves, I give the people what I would expect to get. I’m not going to serve the public what I’m not going to eat myself. I want to put smiles on everybody’s faces when they try my food and make them feel like we appreciate them.”
All images by a talented local photographer, Dmitriy Mirochnik of ShutterWhisper

Superstorm Sandy Forum: A serious conversation about the Future of Staten Island

On March 8th, 2013, hundreds of people attended the Superstorm Sandy Forum that was held at the College of Staten Island. The reason for this forum was to educate the public on the following topics: the nature of hurricanes, protection from hurricanes, risks associated with flooding, zoning and land use issues, social science,  financial impact, recovery, protection of natural resources and building codes. The forum lasted over 6 hours and included representatives from the federal, state, city, and local entities, as well as leading scientists, business people, and educators from around the world.

The informative day-long program discussed coastal flooding risks, storm surge impacts, effects of the tide, local geographic, safety precautions and strategies for rebuilding Staten Island. “Global climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing coastal decision makers today. The science community no longer debates whether climate change is happening; they debate the rate at which the change is occurring. Increased storm frequency and intensity, coastal inundation, species range extensions and shoreline erosion are issues all communities are facing” said one of the panelists at the forum.

Arjun Braamskamp, Economic Officer, Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York gave a presentation called Adapting to Sea Level Rise: the Dutch Example in which he stated “There’s a lot of information available to us due to science. We can see direction of the water using modern technology on the next storm so we can predict which areas are vulnerable, increasing security level of the areas we are trying to protect. We know a lot, so let’s use that information so we can come up with the best plan of action for the future using the natural forces that we can make work for us.” He proposed numerous solutions of how to protect ourselves from future floods through building with nature. “Building with nature works and you can also reduce the environmental impact. In the end we have to come together as a community to decide what the solution is and share our vision  to produce the future we would like for our borough. Design and engineering exists to solve these problems, the question is what is our shared vision to produce the future that we’d like.”

Superstorm Sandy Forum:  A Serious Conversation about the Future of Staten Island
Superstorm Sandy Forum:
A Serious Conversation about the Future of Staten Island

As a result of the last few storms many now realize that New York City is in the hurricane belt and believe that we will be hit again in the future. Since it’s very difficult to predict the next natural disaster we should be focusing on how to build up and significantly improve the ability of our city to weather any type of storm. During the Superstorm Sandy forum landscape architects urged us to protect our existing wetlands, consider rezoning high-risk areas for day use and recreational purposes and rebuild by elevating homes to prevent damage from future floods on Staten Island. There were many proposed sketches for raising the houses in the low lying areas as seen below.

The last panel Role of Government and Finance in Sandy Recovery on Staten Island consisted of the following local officials: Nicole Malliotakis – Assembly-member, James Oddo – Councilmember, Seth Pinsky – President, Mayor’s City’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency. This panel continued the discussion addressing rebuilding and elevation, insurance, strengthening the infrastructure, support for local businesses, the issue of mold, and the financial help from the government for recovery.

William J. Fritz, host of the Superstorm Sandy Forum, Interim President and Professor of Geology at The City University of New York’s College of Staten Island, concluded the forum by presenting his five point plan to protect the borough from future storms and act as a guide going forward.   He went on to add “The reason that I am speaking out is to urge New Yorkers to engage in a Serious Conversation about how we should plan for the future well being of our City. This conversation must include: scientists, geologists, engineers, social scientists, counselors, political scientists, politicians, economists, community members, city planners, emergency responders  government agencies. And the business community should be at the forefront of this conversation because issues such as community welfare, rebuilding, financial impact of various solutions, political influence, and funding fall in the business sector. Without your leadership, attempts to address the future will fall short of maximum success. Private/public partnerships with universities and other agencies will be key to our recovery.”

Helpful links below:

Information for Disaster Survivors and Recovering Communities

For more information on this forum and topics that were covered please visit Sandy Forum Resource Kit.

Disaster assistance handouts that were given out at the Superstorm Sandy Forum.