1st Annual NARI-HIC Home Remodeling Show

NARI-HIC-Remodeling Show

Over the weekend we attended the NARI-HIC Home Remodeling Show staged at the center court in the Staten Island Mall. The two-day home improvement show featured an extensive number of licensed local contractors. The mission of NARI-HIC organization is to provide the homeowner with quality workmanship, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

“It is impossible to imagine New York without the contributions of the contractors who make our great city go,” said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “That is why we are proud to applaud the Staten Island HIC for its hard work and advocacy, and together, we look forward to contractors and their clients alike benefitting from this terrific showcase.”

Members of the Home Improvement Contractors of Staten Island Inc. are pledged to observe honesty, integrity and responsibility when conducting business. For a full list of contractors please visit http://www.hicofsi.org/

Warren Buffet on Real Estate: Buy!

Real Estate in Staten Island

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Suppose you were looking to buy a house in Staten Island and were, say, indecisive. Given the chance, who would you ask for real estate investment advice: your mother or Warren Buffet?

If you picked your mother, well I’m sure she’s a very sweet lady, but I have a feeling she might not be a successful billionaire investor, like the gentleman mentioned above. Although, of course, I don’t want to be making any assumptions about your mom. In any case, the choice is yours.

But, if you said Warren Buffet – you’re in luck! He has voiced his opinion and thus sent news channels around the country into a frenzy.

Earlier this week, Warren Buffet sat down with CNBC’s Squawk Box for his annual “Ask Warren” three-hour talk. Below are some highlights from the interview:

On Single-Family Homes

” I would say the single-family homes are cheap now, too. If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes and had a way of managing— I would load up on them and I would— I would take mortgages out at very, very low rates.

On Interest Rates

” It’s a way, in effect, to short the dollar because you can— you can take a 30-year mortgage and if it turns out your interest rate’s too high, next week you refinance lower. And if it turns out it’s too low, the other guy’s stuck with it for 30 years. So it’s a very attractive asset class now.

On Investment in Stocks vs Real Estate

If I knew where I was going to want to live the next five or 10 years I would— I would buy a home and I’d finance it with a 30-year mortgage, and it’s a terrific deal.

On Buying Multiple Homes

And if I— literally, if I was an investor that was a handy type, which I’m not, and I could buy a couple of them at distressed prices and find renters, I think that’s— and again take a 30-year mortgage, it’s a leveraged way of owning a very cheap asset now and I think that’s probably as an attractive an investment as you can make now.”

And if that wasn’t enough, the very next day Donald Trump went on record to say that “the best thing you can own is real estate.”

Watch the full length interview below

Now, I don’t know about you but when Warren Buffet and Donald Trump say “buy!” I listen. Over the last couple of weeks, housing economists have been coming to the same conclusion: real estate recovery is on the horizon.

The Annual Fence Show

When it comes to art, many travel to New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods, such as The Meatpacking District, SoHo, Tribeca, Chelsea and Williamsburg, to see what’s new in the world of art. However, very few people know about the growing art community, right here,  in Staten Island. The Annual Fence Show is a big part of this hip movement. Although the show is known to be the city’s longest-running outdoor art show, (it began in 1951 and continues to this day) it expands and thrives with new talent every year. The show features local artists, sculptors, painters, craftsmen and photographers that display their art on the long iron fence at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden every year.

If you didn’t make it, next year, definitely give it a try. A visit to this richly diverse exhibition is sure to please. Best of all, the event is free to the public and the one-of-a-kind art works are for sale.

Below are some images I was able to take before my battery died, all the more reason for you to go next year to see the show.