About Us

About Us

StatenIslandLifestyle.com is dedicated to the residents of Staten Island and was created by Kristina Gershteyn. This informational portal will offer its readers stories about the local news, entertainment and business events. Additionally, in the real estate section you will be able to find local listings, all insight articles and tips pertaining to the industry. The goal of this site is to showcase our town and to celebrate it through common experiences. StatenIslandLifestyle.com reflects my unique perspective on the social life of our town and acts as a local guide to the exciting places and events that can be found on Staten Island.


Kristina Gershteyn

About Me

As a Real Estate Salesperson at Robert Defalco Realty, I enjoy working in Staten Island, a borough known for its natural beauty and picturesque neighborhoods. My approach to clients is always personable and professional. Respect and attention to a client’s needs are the two most important principles that guide me in my work. My goal is to utilize the latest tools, resources and information to help buyers and sellers with their property needs. My clients are not only impressed by the technology, but better informed and educated. I provide data to help my clients make smart real estate decisions. I know the local market and am confident in my ability to represent my clients’ best interests through all phases of the real estate transaction.

My motivation to create StatenIslandLifestyle.com was driven by my passion for our community and its people.