Staten Island “Castle”

April 6, 2012 7 Comments

As we bring this story to our readers I cant’ help but  feel a little bittersweet. Recently, my photographer friends embarked on an adventure to the abandoned Staten Island Castle and were really excited to capture a part of the history. Now that the building is demolished, this group was, possibly, the last to enter The “Castle” and capture the atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Step back in time as my friends take you on a journey:

“Architecture aims at Eternity” – a famous quote by Christopher Wren, one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history. Unfortunately eternity is not something that was in the future for a Staten Island specimen that until recently has been standing tall for over 120 years. Known as the Staten Island Castle, the S.R. Smith Infirmary has played a big role in the rich history of our town. The design of the building provided corner-less rooms which, at the time of construction, was thought to be the best way to reduce the spread of disease and dust. The Infirmary remained operational until 1979. In 1965 it was decided that a move to a new location would be more beneficial than a much needed extension of the current location. That new location is now known as the Staten Island Hospital on Seaview Avenue.

Sometime in 2011 I heard that the Castle was under a real threat to be taken down. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about this situation, but being a photographer, my opinion is at its best, when it is expressed visually. On one cold winter morning along with a few of my friends I ventured out on a mission to preserve history. A red wall could be seen as we made our way through the brush. Once we made it to the foot of the structure it was easy to appreciate the eerie grandeur of the walls and towers that stood in front of us. We did not expect a lot, but once inside, a world of visual history opened up to us. Through the punctured walls and all of the debris on the floor it was hard to imagine what this place once was. Once on the second floor, we were happy to discover what later became our favorite subject – a grand, textured iron staircase with marble step coverings stood out in front of us as a forgotten rusty giant. We tried to capture it from every angle, and to show the details of its two tall pillars. The sun was beginning to make its way towards a higher angle and began pouring through the boarded up windows in the oval rooms. Streaks of light lit up the crumbling space. We caught ourselves whispering most the time as our subconscious mind realized that something was at peace here.

HDR (high dynamic range) photography is something that is trending right now. Abandoned subjects like our Castle really benefited from this type of visual art, because it makes the most of the light and color that is available in the frame. Our eyes see a lot of the dynamic range, but the HDR technique opens up a whole new perspective. Each one of us saw the Castle in his/her own unique way. The Castle is now gone, demolished. I am hoping that the structure that will be built in its place, will be able to persuade the Staten Island residents that the Castle was not destroyed in vain.  I also hope that our images of this historic landmark will become a part of our community and serve as a reminder of something that aimed for eternity, but could not withstand time.

guest Contributing Author,

Dmitriy Mirochnik

Galleries below represent a selection of images from each of the photographers.

Dmitriy M

Eugene Sabo

Evelina Kremsdorf

Yelena Rozov

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7 Comments to “Staten Island “Castle””
  1. D. Zeidner says:

    As a lifelong Staten Islander, and a someone whose family has lived here for six generations, it makes me sad that this landmark has been destroyed. I was born in SI Hospital, 1957, but I believe in newer building next door. My grandfather often told stories about how he, his brother and cousins were brought there to have their tonsils taken out. Their mothers left them at the door, and were not allowed to visit them until their release several days later. They were all about 10 years old. A very different world back then.

    • Dmitriy M. says:

      Thank you very much for you comment. Since we posted this article and the pictures, we have been hearing a few stories like yours. It just makes it that much more obvious of what this place meant to our town’s history. Unfortunately we were only able to preserve the memory of it by taking pictures of the ruins that were left behind. We are really glad that our images strike up conversations and bring forward these stories. We are really hoping that this will be happening for many years to come. Thank you!

    • Lisa Bress says:

      Born there in 197 too! Lived right near it on Feidler Avenue as a child. What a sad shame to see this landmark go.

  2. joanneBeyar Bennetti says:

    i was born in staten Island hospital as were my 9 brothers and sisters. the older children were born in the castle-infirmary. i feel they should have saved it at any cost. We life long staten Islanders have very little history left of our beautiful Island as it was. They keep knocking down beautiful things to update. It broke my heart to see this building come down. My family has been here since 1900.

  3. dm funk says:

    goodnight sweet prince.

  4. mini says:

    what a shame of all the history to know what it was once in time and now no more my question is what will become of it now ?

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